Viva Las Vegas 16: Day one!

title1I look forward to the Viva Las Vegas weekender every single YEAR. It is probably the only time I feel my happiest and in my element because I am surrounded by thousands of people who understand and appreciate my love for the rockabilly lifestyle. The convention just keeps growing with popularity each year as the awareness of the lifestyle progresses and it is always great to see some familiar and fresh faces. I love being able to shop at the vintage vendors, see girls in their glamorous vintage threads, watch people jive to great bands, and see amazing classic cars. It is so surreal to see people exuding the lifestyle so perfectly; I always come back to NY inspired.

I am so happy my Mom was able to come again this time as she wasn’t able to come last year and it just didn’t feel the same without her. She has the same appreciation I have for the culture and it inspires her as well. My bestie Santiago came too and I was so excited to help him with his booth at the car show where he was able to showcase his beautiful artwork to thousands of people. But before I get to all of that, my mom and I arrived in Vegas a little early to spend some time with my West Coast familia. We missed them so much so we savored every second we had with them since we don’t always have the chance to fly out to California. Our first stop was my favorite spot, BUFFALO EXCHANGE. I am absolutely in love with every single Buffalo Exchange I have ever been to. I always find something! Every time I go to Viva I visit BE at least 3-4 times as they have a steady rotation of new stuff on a constant. After my jackpot, we were off to go see the Pawn Stars shop. My mom and I love that show so we wanted to see it all for ourselves. To our surprise it was extremely disappointing. The entire shop was B-O-R-I-N-G and nothing like they portray it in the show. The inventory was wacksauce and the store was more like a gift shop for Pawn Star merchandise with cups and t-shirts that say “I love chum lee”. It was definitely a bummer but we quickly left and were off to Freemont where I fell in love with all of the neon signage and got to see a light show featuring one of my favorite rock bands, Heart. We walked around till sundown and by that time, my bestie Santiago was flying in so we met up with him and enjoyed an awesome late night dinner at In-N-Out Burger. Not bad for my first day in Vegas if ya ask me!IMG_3477 For our first two nights we stood at the Orleans which is initially where Viva is celebrated.IMG_3475 My momma and I! ❤IMG_3602 Inside the Orleans.IMG_3601 IMG_6930IMG_3600 Win some money honey!

The gift shop is Viva ready with Sailor Jerry!
and cherries!IMG_6894 Fun Viva stuff!IMG_3525I was so stoked to finally wear my Prada shades and Forever 21 sweater for my first day at Viva. Forever 21 has had some really cute stuff as of late! Even my necklace is from there! My earrings, on the other hand, were a DIY. I made them to match the necklace :). IMG_3569I am so obsessed with this sweater and the fact that it matches my Prada glasses so well.IMG_3536To complement my sweater, I paired it with an American Apparel skirt, a vintage belt, mint pumps, and a clear clutch I found on Ebay.IMG_3558 I was searching for a clear clutch everywhere and found a cool one on Ebay for just $11.IMG_3572 These cute pumps cost me $25 at Extaza.IMG_3579 My mom looked SUPER cute as well in her polka dot dress and bow-toe flats!IMG_3582 I got her these sunnies and they look amazing on her!IMG_3549 Off to Buffalo Exchange!nv1-out-lg Check out the goodies I found below!IMG_3481 Found this awesome vintage nautical top and Fornarina skirt right away and haddd to have it!IMG_3484 This vintage dress had a small hole in it but I still had to have it!IMG_3490 IMG_3511 This dress is a work in progress as I have to replace the lining but it has sooo much potential I couldn’t resist it!IMG_3496 I fell in love with this vintage jumper and was almost about to wear it to the car show but it was too hot!IMG_3499It looks good with these black pleaser pumps. VROOM VROOM!IMG_3502Found this gem on my way out and bought it without even knowing it was by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. Not bad for $15 😉

IMG_6942I also scooped this awesome Patrick Nagel inspired tote! Yes please!
IMG_6998 Off to see the Pawn Stars shop! Fell in love with this vintage hotel signage along the way!IMG_3608 IMG_3610 Here we are!IMG_3612 These pictures actually makes the place look interesting. Trust me, it is a waste of time.IMG_3613 Loved this jacket though!IMG_3615 This is all you really see at the shop. PS merchandise.IMG_3616 I tried to find interesting things at the store and this Playboy portrait was one of them.IMG_3617This Marilyn one too.
IMG_3619 My mom wanted to drive away in this hot rod lol.IMG_3621 All I wanted was the jukebox. lol
IMG_3625I rather see the walls adorned with just artwork:/
IMG_3627 But this is really all we saw. :/ What a bummer!IMG_3629 Anyway, off to Freemont in downtown Vegas!IMG_3632 Go on with your americana leggings! lolIMG_3634 Can I haz this popcorn stand?IMG_3636 The famous Binions!IMG_3638 Where all of the pretty Mermaids go to be bottle waitresses.IMG_3639 Howdy!IMG_3641 It’s Cowboy Kate!IMG_3645Had to have a taste of NY with Nathans!
IMG_3644Lol this is my uncle going in on a signature Nathans hot dog.
IMG_3653 Some cool portraits!IMG_3654 IMG_3647 As the sun set, the lights got brighter!IMG_3665So pretty…IMG_3659 Lol my uncle is a trip!IMG_3662Coney Island Chili Dogs!IMG_3666 Some performance.IMG_3668 IMG_3671 My nails match the pretty lights! Thanks Opi!IMG_3672 The Heart light show! Ewwww Baraccuuddaaa!IMG_7025After we changed into warmer clothes we were off to have noms with my bestie at In-N-Out Burger!IMG_7024 Can’t wait!IMG_7030 I look like I work here lol.IMG_7032Santiago and I about to eat up all of this greatness!
IMG_7031 Done and done.IMG_7044So excited for the next day, the start of Viva! Stay tuned!


19 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 16: Day one!

  1. I have never not found something at Buffalo Exchange. And it’s always a designer label so I get all geeked out over how cheap I got it for. Your mom looks fabulous, and definately not old enough to have a grown daughter.

  2. So glad to have made it this year. Had a great time with you all. Can’t wait till next year.

  3. No wonder I couldn’t find anything at buffalo exchange you got all the good stuff! lol. But they did end up having a vendor at the car show and I did pick up an awesome metal/lucite purse. Usually I too am disapointed by Buffalo (atleast at my local one).

    Your momma is adorable!

  4. Im so excited your wearing my design! Im a designer for F21 and attended Viva as well. Wish I would have run into you. Love reading your blog.

    • I wish we could have met! That sweater is divine! I wonder what else I have in my closet that you have designed! Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog! XO

  5. Great photos – and so sweet that it was a family affair! I will have to remember the tip about the Vegas branch of Buffalo Exchange for next year. I saw you around Viva a couple of times, and wanted to come and say hi, but you were always busy with friends, or getting food and I didn’t want to interrupt and sound like a crazed stalker hahaha! 🙂

  6. Great reading your blog Jas, and finding out what you did, saw and found when you were outside the Orleans Hotel on your adventures with your Mom.

  7. I was the photographer who took your photo with Jessica from Kustom Voodoo!
    I felt too embarrassed to say “Hey! I read your blog!” But, well, I do. Haha.

    Tara O.

  8. Your mom is such a looker! I love that Forever 21 sweater, too. Great outfit.

  9. While in Vegas we did a little sightseeing outside of Viva. We wanted to see some of the sights from the shows we watch that take place out in Vegas, plus I just love looking at all of the casinos on the strip. They are so fabulously decadent! The Vegas lights are simply to die for.

  10. First – i love your blog, it’s much different than others and feel so cosy here 🙂 Great post and photos! Since I’ve read it i’m hunted by the Fornarina skirt, it so pretty but i can’t find it anywhere…
    I love your vintage look and can’t wait for more!
    Greetings from Bulgaria!

  11. You find the greatest stuff when you go thrift shopping, I have never had such luck at Buffalo Exchange (sticking my tongue out) I think I’m hating you.

    Enjoy all your lovely items!

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