Puerto Rico: Day 3!

IMG_6314 Day 3 of my trip to Puerto Rico was awesome-sauce. My boyfriend, his family, and I went and ventured out to Playa Sardinera and enjoyed the cute little tiki bars, food huts, and beautiful beaches. It felt so good to chill by the beach while eating the most delicious pastelitos in Puerto Rico. I was just sad to see so many stray dogs like I did in Dominican Republic. So many of them have no homes and look so malnourished. I wish I could have taken them all home with me :(. The dogs we came across were just happy we even paid them any attention at all and it was heartbreaking. After showing the stray pups some love we were off to another beach to do some snorkeling. I was completely enraptured by the coral reef, giant sea urchins, and schools of colorful fish. We even came across a STONE FISH! Thanks to my boyfriend, we were able to identify it and swim away without disturbing it. Stone fish are the most venomous fish in the world. We even shot a picture of it and I included it into this post but you just might miss it if you don’t look closely. Snorkeling in PR was breathtaking and thanks to my boyfriends father Phil, we were able to swim around the coral safely and photograph our entire experience. Phil also tried educating obnoxious surfers about the coral because they kept stepping on it, hopefully that stone fish didn’t get em lol. After a beautiful day of exploring the beautiful depths of Puerto Rico’s beaches we went home to eat and relax. I think we ended up taking a nap at sunset and went off to the pool for a late night swim. Pretty awesome day if you ask me.IMG_2900Our early walk on the beach ❤
IMG_2901 IMG_6312Found some awesome sea shells!IMG_2935 Playa Sardinera
IMG_2915Graffiti ruinsIMG_2966WEPA.IMG_2923 That’s right! Keep the beaches clean!IMG_2930 Food and drinks.IMG_2927These pastelitos were SO GOOD.IMG_2933 I spy a Brainlington!IMG_2936 So beautiful.IMG_2957 Look at this cute little pit bull. I wanted to take him home :(.IMG_2958 Heart breaking:(IMG_6339Adorable hand prints of children.IMG_2963 Crazy waves!IMG_6333Off to another beach!swimmyMe and the boy snorkeling! lol ignore my buns haha.crustationsSmall sea urchin!
ear feeesh mermaidIgnore the fact that I look like a seal.
swimmmShh. My boyfriend is a merman.ouch GIANT SEA URCHINS! I’d hate to step on that thing.stonefishI spy a Stone Fish. Do you see it? He let us live lol.IMG_6329Tanning time back at the Villa.IMG_6314My boo<3IMG_2973 Yummy piña coladas and watermelon!IMG_2971Whale watching<3IMG_6364Late night swim<3

Till day 4 loves!


4 Comments on “Puerto Rico: Day 3!

  1. Beautiful! Both you and PR! It makes me miss it, my husband and I took a Caribbean cruise out of San Juan last February for our honeymoon. We spent 2 days in San Juan and it was gorgeous! So glad you shared these photos!

  2. OMG, please share information about that sunset dress. I’m in LOVE with it! I love anything related to the sunset and its colors, and palm trees. lol

  3. thats awesome, and that sunset dress rocks indeed.

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