Puerto Rico: Day two!

crop2Day two of my trip to Puerto Rico was another pleasant and relaxing day at the beach. My beau and I spent most of the day exploring the shore for seashells and ended up finding a lot more than we thought. As someone who used to want to be a Marine Biologist as a child, I am still really fascinated by marine life and the ocean. As a kid, I also truly believed I was Ariel in the flesh so I am sure my fascination with the ocean comes from me believing I was a mermaid. At least, now I can say I really was Ariel in Puerto Rico, with my red locks dressed up in pinup fashion. I was stoked to finally wear my Betsey Johnson romper, Tra la la swimsuit, and Hawiian robe I recently purchased at Reminiscence. I was a true Puerto Rican pinup in this ensemble and complimented my outfit with some nice vintage accessories like my 1940’s sunnies and my flower earrings I recently snagged from D&J Vintage. I was paying homage to all of those beautiful Puerto Rican pinups who were underrated, never discovered, or shunned from the spotlight in the 50’s and 60’s because I am sure they existed. I raise my virgin piña colada to them!

Walking down the coastline of the beach we met a few little critters who really made our day. We saw a crab we named “Fred” who was so adorable, I wanted to take him home (didn’t want to make my beau jealous 😉 ). We also met many Sea Urchins, big and small, that felt weird when you picked them up. I kept being afraid I would step on one so I had to be very careful. Ironically, my boyfriend was hoping we would run into baby squid until I stumbled upon an actual Octopus that was VERY MUCH alive as she tried to steal my boyfriends glasses. We didn’t know if she was alive so my beau used the handle of his glasses to gently touch her tentacle and she grasped on to them and wouldn’t let them go lololol. We named her “Octavia” because I swear, she was not thrilled about us wanting to see those beautiful tentacles. She even squirted water at my boyfriend every time he tried to pick her up. She camouflaged so well so I am shocked I even spotted her, but boy was she beautiful. I believe she was about a foot long, not including the length of her tentacles. It really was beautiful to see an animal like this in shallow waters and it really made our day to have found and seen such a beautiful creature up close.

After exploring the beach and finding lots of beautiful sea shells and marine life, we headed back to the villa to enjoy a game of dominoes with the family over piña coladas. We also had sushi for lunch which was the BEST sushi I have EVER had. I cannot believe I am going to have to travel to Puerto Rico any time I am craving Hawaiian sushi, it was DELICIOUS. After that, we relaxed and tanned till almost sunset before an evening swim at the pool. It was another great day at the motherland and I miss it so much already..IMG_6184 Our path to the beach was such a beautiful walk. I love the colorful houses!IMG_6185 We wanted to hijack this boat and sail the seven seas! 😉IMG_6186Palm trees always make the scenery more beautiful.
IMG_6187 Beach path.IMG_6190IMG_6192IMG_2742Heaven.IMG_6201This is our friend Fred! Such a cutie!!!!
IMG_2741 Look at that SMILE ❤IMG_2765IMG_2773I got a mean tan walking along the beach.IMG_2781 Exploring.IMG_2745 IMG_2748 IMG_2750 Baby found a sea urchin. We didn’t name him though :/IMG_2763 Weird.IMG_2753HAI.
IMG_2755This coral reminded me of Mr.Brainlington!IMG_6208 There he is!IMG_6207 She sees sea shells on the sea-shore.IMG_2839 ELLO birdies!IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2842 I have no idea what this is. Still took a picture of it!IMG_2843 IMG_2847OCTAVIA! Isn’t she a beauty?IMG_2703 Back to the Villa!IMG_2858This is the romper I wore. It is by Betsey Johnson and I am so glad I finally had the perfect opportunity to wear it! My shoes are Betsey Johnson too and my purse is something I found at a Salvation Army a few years ago.IMG_6233Relaxation time!

IMG_6222 Another piña colada!
Lets do this.IMG_6287IMG_2863Watching the Ocean from the other deck waiting to head to the pool. That’s the robe I recently bought at Reminiscence.
IMG_2864 IMG_2870 This is my Tra la la swimsuit. I absolutely love it. I wish I could find more of their stuff but they aren’t at Bloomingdales anymore :(.IMG_2873Kiss Kiss!IMG_6279My earrings are from D&J Vintage and my 1940s sunnies are from Ebay!
IMG_2886We layed on this lawn bed to watch the sunset every night. The cotton candy clouds made the ocean look pink from a distance.IMG_2888 Gorgeous.IMG_2731 Time for a night swim!IMG_2735 IMG_2736That’s all folks! Till day 3!


6 Comments on “Puerto Rico: Day two!

  1. The place looks and sounds amazing! Great pictures of your sea critter friends – love how Fred’s smiling for the camera – and what a beautiful octopus.

    Love the outfits you modelled too – you certainly do the underrated Puerto Rican pin-ups justice – can’t wait to see what else you get up to while you’re there!


  2. You are really having great time. I love your look especially your hair style, real 40s look, I would no like to see your hair any other way. It looks great!

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