Puerto Rico: Day One!

IMG_6076My trip to Puerto Rico couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. After a hectic few weeks and my trip to the ER for a bad case of food poisoning, I was ready for sunny skies and beautiful beaches with my boyfriend and his wonderful family. I am Puerto Rican but I haven’t been to PR since I was 15 and don’t remember much so it was nice to finally come back and experience it at a different part of the island with my beau and his family. Staying in Aguadilla was a paradise and I savored every single second of the beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife, and delicious food. It was so relaxing to be surrounded by nature, I believe being around it rejuvenates the soul. I often get tired of this concrete colorless city so it was nice to be in a place where houses were colorful and adorned with tropical flowers and palm trees. On this day we spent most of our time just relaxing and taking pictures of the sights. We got settled into our villa, swam in the pool, walked the beach, and watched the sunset. It was perfect…just perfect. I wish I could turn the clocks back time to do it all over again..IMG_6095 Our view every day.IMG_6159My beau’s Mom makes the best Piña Coladas!IMG_6110 IMG_6098I dressed up in tropical fashion of course.IMG_2659 We spent a lot of time at this pool.<3IMG_2660 IMG_2671 IMG_6121 I was in heaven. Too bad the chlorine wiped out my hair color lollIMG_6113Purple toes!IMG_2680 Off to the beach!IMG_2670 IMG_2681 IMG_2687 IMG_2682 IMG_2701 IMG_2697The old coral here was full of tiny little fishes.
IMG_2690 IMG_6143The Boy<3
IMG_2693We found lots of little crabs in these crevices.IMG_2722The sunset was beautiful.
IMG_2709Till day 2 loves!


10 Comments on “Puerto Rico: Day One!

  1. Nice to see you have such a relaxing, beautiful vacation with your Beau and his family. You definately deserved it.

  2. Great to hear you had a good trip! I went home to visit this past december with the boy as well and got back here to a snow storm at the time (made me wish i had stayed!). I’m from San German but used to spend a lot of time in Aguadilla while growing up, it’s a great town. You look lovely in these by the way!

  3. I missed it so much when i came back home from my trip 2 years ago so I look forward to your posts because i know you do a great job at capturing the real feel.

  4. Puerto Rico is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. Ever since I was a little girl I used to tell my parents one day I’m gonna buy me a house in Puerto Rico. Until then, I just live vicariously through my Puerto Rican friends and their stories of growing up, the food & the beauty. Thanks for the great photos and I hope all of your days there are glorious.

  5. beautiful pix! which hotel/villa is this? looks amazing! enjoy.

  6. You holiday in Puerto Rica Fascinates my and glad to see you are having a great time.

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