D&J Vintage gems!

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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of modeling for one of my favorite Etsy shops, D&J Vintage. Aside from the fact that they are wonderful people, they also have incredible taste in vintage. My recent and most treasured pieces are from their shop and they have become my best kept secret till now. This was definitely one of my most enjoyable shoots to date as they were so much fun and I was gagging over all of the BEAUTIFUL pieces I modeled. I almost couldn’t control myself when I saw all of their inventory. Their shop is stacked with GOLD and they are continuously updating their inventory with great treasures that are reasonably priced. I really can’t say enough about D&J Vintage and am so happy I got to model such beautiful dresses! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their shop! :


1950s Slate Blue Taffeta Evening Dress


1950s Amazing Federal Blue Party Dress


50s Carrie Munn Almost Circle Skirt


50s Navy Party Dress with Polka Dots / 50s Fred Perlberg Dress


1950s Quilted Circle Skirt / 50s Circle Skirt / 50s Skirt


1960s Vintage yellow dress with beaded details


1950s dress / 50s autumn floral dress

Head on over to D&J Vintage to see what other treasures they have in store!


5 Comments on “D&J Vintage gems!

  1. You look so beautiful in the photos 🙂 great photography work.

  2. Thank you so much for this great post! We loved working with you and so glad to now be able to call you a friend.

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