“Hip, hip, chin, chin, the rhythm boogie!”

-8As if my Valentine’s day couldn’t get any better…That night I received an awesome email from one of my FAVORITE artists, Nathalie Rattner, and inside was an incredible painting of ME inspired by my fun shoot with Revecka Nguyen of Delicious Dames! I am so happy and so overwhelmed with gratitude that she even took the time to create another painting of me! I have come across very few genuinely kind people in my life like Nathalie, whose beauty and gracefulness shine through her paintings. It is no surprise that she is friends with Revecka, I ADORE them both. I feel so fortunate to have collaborated with such talented women! Revecka has been so supportive and has taken such wonderful photos of me that made me see myself in a different, more confident light, and Nathalie has made my dreams come true as someone who wishes she could have been born in the 50s just to be painted by Vargas or Elvgren. However, Nathalie’s artwork has its own special flair and continues to reign supreme capturing the hearts of every man and woman who lays eyes on her beautiful paintings. Below is her new painting of me, titled “Hip, hip, chin, chin, the rhythm boogie”. Revecka took photos of me dancing and this was the awesome result! What a team! ❤-9

Thank you so much Nathalie and Revecka!

To see more of Nathalie’s work click here.

To visit Delicious Dames click here.


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