IFB Con 2013!

IMG_5345It’s that time of year again folks. New York Fashion Week is in full effect and it just wouldn’t feel the same without the IFB Conference. I haven’t been to an IFB conference in a year and it was good to be back and connect with bloggers like myself all the while learning from the panelists about new and innovative ways to blog and reach the masses. This time was no different from the last. I put on a fresh new and awesome vintage inspire outfit, I met many of my readers, met many awesome bloggers, enjoyed the sponsor booths, and left with new-found knowledge that left me inspired. It was so good to see my girl Jess from FreshJess, Kristine of BeautyNYC/Glossybox, Ariana of Mode Marteau, and some of the awesome Blogger Collective members. I also met some really sweet bloggers like Alix Rose, Ann Vauderhelm of Tongue and Cheeky, Aminta of Clothes & Fashion, Sarah of Story girl Sarah, and more. I particularly loved the honesty of Lisa (Lulu Frost) and the story behind her brand. Her decision to trust her intuition motivated me to keep following mine even if I am sometimes faced with doubt. I also loved the raw and uncut opinion of Jake Gallagher of GQ Eye & Esquire who stated that a lot of blogger material is starting to look the same and that we need to think of new and innovative/creative ways to talk about brands. It was refreshing to know that some people do want substance and content that is actually engaging as opposed to a picture of an outfit you never really wore and one sentence that states every high-end label that is so “in” right now. Substance is what blogging was before it became a circus or popularity contest, it was a way for REAL people to post REAL opinions on anything and everything. I agree whole heartedly with Jake as someone who’s blog is written straight from the heart. My blog is my baby, an insight to my life and my opinions and completely unbiased. I don’t recycle material or write false opinions on the things I write about and I love to be personal with my readers. All of the panelists taught me something but these two especially. I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to do it again in September. See my IFB adventure and what I wore inside!IMG_0533 I am getting to know my new Canon T3i so here goes nothing! This is what I wore to the IFB Con. I was inspired by the atomic and galactic prints of the golden age so I decided to have fun with this ensemble. The dress is by Trashy Diva from Enz, my sweater is from H&M, my shoes are by Dolce & Gabbana, and my hat box and glasses are vintage.IMG_0531I am totally crazyyyy about this outfit.
IMG_0541I even got to sport my Crave Yard atomic brooch!IMG_0542I love that my TD dress has giant pockets!IMG_0543 Get-a-load of that print!IMG_0545Love these simple candy apple Dolce & Gabbana pumps!IMG_0516 So happy I got to see my girl Ariana! It felt like forever!IMG_0562 Loved that I got to connect with so many sweet bloggers like this lovely lady here.IMG_0558 Jess, me, and Alix! Such awesome girls and I am so glad I spent my IFB with them!IMG_0560 Galactic fashion!IMG_0548Blogazons ❤IMG_0490 Bloggers galore!IMG_0492Lisa of Lulu Frost ❤IMG_0496My IFB gals.IMG_0501Lisa of Lulu Frost again! She was so sweet!
02_DrielyS_2582Special thanks to talented photographer Driely Carter for this photo and my outfit shots! She captured the real colors of my outfit!IMG_0471The Alex and Ani booth.IMG_0489Gems for days!IMG_0487
Our photo booth sessions lmao!lol Locas!IMG_0494Tyson Beckford was getting lots of love from the lady bloggers. lolIMG_0498 More panelists like Aimee of Song of Style talking about the essential revenue stream for bloggers.IMG_0482The Monster Headphones booth.IMG_0485 I love these crystal headphones by Monster. Such great styles!IMG_0483 Love the color of these!IMG_0550This is Sarah of Story Girl Sarah, doesn’t she look lovely in this vintage ensemble?!IMG_0555 Fekkai booth. Get yo hair did GORLS.IMG_0472IMG_0553Katia of Birchbox talks about how the business came about.IMG_0475 I LOVED the Bare Mineral’s booth and the BM girls were so incredibly sweet and informative about their great products. I happen to love my Bare Minerals foundation powder because it doesn’t make me break out so I had to try the other great products showcased here like their new eye shadows and lipsticks!IMG_0481IMG_0476 Love all of these blush pallets! So happy I got to take one home!IMG_0477 Bare Minerals also has mascara in really pretty shades and I can’t wait to try them!IMG_0479 Look at these COLORS!IMG_0480So many pretty shades to choose from!IMG_0473 The Mail Chimp booth was also really cute and had bloggers bedazzling and customizing t-shirts.IMG_0474 Look at the adorable Mail Chimp hats!IMG_5359Love!IMG_0563They also printed out our photos that we posted on twitter of our IFB experience!
IMG_5348 This is Ann of Tongue and Cheeky and I fell in love with her galactic girl tattoo! So cute!IMG_0556Alix talking to the founder and creator of IFB, miss Jennine Jacobs of The Coveted. She looked so gorge! Without her, so many of us bloggers would not have an outlet to learn about the business of blogging.IMG_0529That is all folks! Until next September!

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5 Comments on “IFB Con 2013!

  1. Looks like it was a great event. Glad you were able to interact with so many other great bloggers as yourself. You looked lovely as always.

  2. Really liked how you covered the event. I have never been to an IFB Conference, but thanks to you I know have a better understanding on what goes on, and can’t wait for September to finally attend♥

  3. So great to meet you. I had a blast at the conference with you. It seriously made the conference a lot of fun. I hope to see you again soon!

  4. I really wanted to go but couldn’t afford to 😦 saving up money for next time! I absolutely love your hair color and outfit! It seems like such a fun event as well!


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