Great Valentine gift ideas for everyone!

veronica-from-archieI absolutely LOVE Valentine’s day for many reasons. It’s the pink and red sweethearts candy, cookies, cupcakes, decorations, cards, and flowers that are so visually appealing to me considering they all mean “someone loves you”. It doesn’t have to be a materialistic thing but I don’t know one girl who doesn’t jump up for joy, smiling ear to ear about receiving flowers. Sometimes all it takes is one flower to feel a thousand butterflies. It is exciting but this holiday isn’t just for us women. Some of us want to get our beau’s something special, which is really hard work considering the fact that men are so difficult most of the time and would rather shower YOU with gifts. I have went all out for Vday gifts in the past but realized small gestures make bigger and better differences when it comes to guys.

This holiday is about love and even if you aren’t in a relationship, don’t you love your friends and family? Make this holiday fun by giving them a gift of appreciation too. My friend Ingrid has been my valentine for years now and we never forget, even when we are in relationships. I have also even been given a valentine’s gift from my mom a number of times. It is always a kind gesture to just show someone they are loved, period. Don’t have a friend or family member in mind? Don’t you love yourself? make it an I-don’t-have-a-valentine-but-I-love-my-damn-self day by getting a mani/pedi or treating yourself to something special.  That’s why I created this post; to give you all some great Valentine’s day gift ideas for your friends, family, yourself, and significant other!


archie-comics-retro-archie-and-veronica-comic-panel-dream-girl-agedDon’t know what to get your girlfriend? I can help. Sometimes it isn’t about expensive gifts, but more about the effort. Every girl wants to know you made an effort to make her smile. Here are a few of my favorite picks I know your girlfriend will LOVE! Thanks to Etsy, this was an easy task. They have such great vintage and handmade items perfect for gift giving.il_570xN.415948812_3lvx

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Come on, what girl doesn’t love cookies? I know I do, especially when they are artistically decorated to perfection. We girls LOVE cute things and this Valentine cookie set on Etsy is so cute you want to save them forever without ever eating them. However, these wouldn’t last 2 seconds in my presence. They look TASTAYYYYY.

valentines day Flowers HD wallpapers 1080px (2)


Though it may seem a little cliché, giving flowers will never go out of style. It is a timeless approach to romancing your girl and never fails. I almost feel like it is a lost art so get to it boys! Get your girl flowers and custom pick them too! You can get them at any flower shop and I am sure you can have them delivered ;).GFB_13_BRR30206_CNF71610_W1_PF

Chocolate covered Strawberries/Cherries

Um…YUM! Chocolate covered fruit is the most delicious delicacy next to cookies. If your girl loves chocolate, romance her sweet tooth by combining it with her fruit of choice. Godiva is one of the go-to spots for that kind of deliciousness. il_570xN.334760784

Deep Red Velveteen Lips Valentines Day Decorative Pillow

Get spontaneous and look for things your girl might like more than her lipsticks. This Lip pillow on Etsy is the perfect addition to her “queen” size bed and every time she sleeps with it, she will think of your kisses.il_570xN.302952405

Sailor’s VALENTINE Locket

Want to give her something special she can carry with her every day? Get her a locket. Insert pictures of the both of you or write a little note inside of it. This is also a classic and timeless gift that has become a lost art. This particular anchor locket is an art within itself, perfectly crafted in vintage fashion with an anchor that expresses a settled love, eternal devotion and security.


Comic Book Romance Pill Box Case

Are you a pain in the butt constantly giving your girlfriend headaches? Remind her that you love her with this comic romance pillbox that will eventually hold her advils and midol. This will cool her off every time she is ready to kill you.il_570xN.342888958

Kissing COUPLE Sweater Guard Clip

Does your girlfriend love old romance pulp fiction novels and vintage films? If so, get her these kissing couple sweater clips and she will ADORE you forever. Like…how awesome is this for a Valentine’s day gift? Plus, she will be totally fashionable in her new accessory that reminds her of you!


Pinup girl Brass Cuff

For the girlfriend who doesn’t care for a cliché jewelry and would rather get something unique, these brass vintage print bangles are GOLDEN. I don’t know any girl who wouldn’t love wearing these on Valentine’s day!il_570xN.417035692_owok

Stunning Copper SACRED HEART Necklace

If you and your significant other share a spiritual relationship, this is the perfect Vday gift. This is a Milagros necklace and milagros are small charms, generally made of gold, silver, copper or brass, which the faithful believe are endowed with spiritual powers, which when offered to a saint can heal and help preserve overall well-being. They are also given in gratitude for prayers fulfilled. If your prayer was to find love and you found it, give it to her. If she has been through a rough patch this is also a great gift for its healing properties.


Shut Up and Kiss Me Apron

Does she love to cook/bake? This is an awesome kiss-me apron adorned with vintage romance comics that will express your love for her and her amazing cake. It seriously is the cutest apron I have ever seen and would probably motivate me to actually cook haha!


Dripping Cute Heart Cocktail Ring

Just started dating? Tell her how CAAAUUUUTTTEEE she is by giving her this awesome Cutie Dynamite cocktail ring. Any girl who loves cute things, zombies, and horror films is sure to make you her man with this awesome little gift of likeness!

3347d2a13451bbd9e571011743ab81tumblr_mcbfvqB6fS1rhp4nco1_500Let’s face it. It’s a nightmare searching for gifts for our guy. They never want anything outside of the bedroom. However, after scouring Etsy’s “Valentine gift for him” section, I found some really great gift ideas! Ladies, FINALLY WE ARE SAVED. Here are some gift ideas that will impress the hell out of your guy.t12-1


This had to be the first on the list because most men would just rather have a gift that entails a burlesque act in the bedroom. Lingerie is more of a gift for the both of you so it is a win-win ya know? Go to a lingerie shop and pick out something sexy and out of the ordinary. One of my favorite lingerie shops here in NY is Agent Provocateur (what I am wearing above) but if it is out of your range just visit my best retro shops for some other lingerie brands I love.


Valentine’s Day Rhinestone Heart Pasties

Speaking of that burlesque act. Wow your man by wearing heart pasties and he will not know what to do with himself! These little sassy pasties are perfect with any red satin knickers of your choice and something totally out of the ordinary that he would never expect! Surprise! He’s seeing hearts.


Shaving Mug Set

If your man prefers the do-it-yourself old-fashioned way of shaving (so hot), get him this amazing shaving mug set this Valentine’s day. This set comes with a red vintage style shaving mug, grooming kit, boar brush, and handmade soap. Perfect for your classic gentleman.


Valentines Day Coffee Set of 3

Does your guy LOVE coffee just as much as he loves you? This awesome coffee set of 3 in these adorable “I love you more than coffee” packages is too sweet for words. It is a sweet gesture he will love forever.il_570xN.371405598_2lvm

45 caliber automatic Winchester bullet cuff links

Does your boyfriend idolize James Bond and know all of the 007 films by heart? If so, get him these 45 caliber bullet cuff links for V’day so you can express how much you love being his bond girl.il_570xN.403306821_8biu

Vintage Pin Up Playing Cards

Does he have stacks of vintage playboy magazines, love pinup girls, and loves to play solitaire, poker, or black jack? If so, this is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him! These vintage nude pinup playing cards set is to die for, hell I would even love this as a Valentine’s day gift but this isn’t about me lol.il_570xN.390206668_a8c7

Camo Ring

If you two have been together for a long time and you just want to get your man something super special to either renew your vows or just profess your love, this Camo ring is the perfect Vday gift. Even though it is labeled as an engagement ring, it can be anything you want it to be and I am sure he will love it.

d09ad5d8f8af00dec864e17577ccc6tumblr_m2n6y3eNxO1qg03pro1_500Don’t have a valentine this year? BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE. Pamper the hell out of yourself and shop till you drop because loving yourself should always be number one. You are allowed to be grumpy, you are allowed to give the stank-eye to couples, but your best bet is to just take the day to have fun loving the most important person in your life, YOU.il_570xN.414875629_3i69

Grumpy Cat Valentine Cookies

Love Grumpy cat and agree with his opinion of Valentine’s day? Hate the last guy you dated and fantasize about egging his house or keying his car? These Grumpy Cat cookies are the perfect way to cope and deal with your bitter past and your SWEEET future. Love stinks!



The perfect remedy for a no-valentine Valentine’s day is a good ol mani and pedi session of relaxation. Trust me, looking good and feeling good will get you a Valentine in no time!GlossyBox5


The best things come in little pink boxes. Give yourself a Valentine’s gift every month by subscribing to GLOSSY BOX, a luxurious beauty company that curates a box of 5 luxury travel-sized beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom every month of the year depending on your subscription plan. I get these boxes every month and I absolutely love them. I get those little girl butterflies every time I receive one in the mail as there is a surprise in every box! Thanks to them, I have been introduced to so many great beauty products!


New MAC Archie Girl’s comic collection

Mac is coming out with a Betty and Veronica line of makeup and I know all of us Archie fans are STOKED! This collection is set to launch just before Valentine’s day and what better way to pre game on your V-day pampering than to indulge in this collection!


Zarrah Jewel heart Head Band

Channel your inner Aphrodite in this Shop Glamarous Zarrah jeweled head band this Valentine’s day and feel the love it brings you. Mary, the designer, creates beautiful headbands that won’t give you a headache and leave you feeling glamorous this Valentine’s day.il_570xN.405524970_euqu

Red Bow Belt

If you are planning to wear red or black this Valentine’s day, here is the perfect accessory for your Vday inspired outfit! This adorable rose bow waist belt is soooo pretty, it will have you feeling the LOVE.

Lolita heart glasses sleep mask

Want to sleep off Valentine’s day after a Lolita Film? Get your hands on this Lolita sleep mask! This will have you snoozing till February 16th in no time!il_570xN.421399345_rcpx

Valentine’s Day Heart Grenade Soap w/ Soap Gun

Go on, take a bubble bath with a printed photo of your new crush on your wall while enjoying your new gun and grenade soaps or play target practice and make believe you are shooting bullets of love. Go on now, be crazy.

Asda_Valentines_Dress_2Wear that dress GURLLLLL

Want to forget Vday and spend a night out on the town with your girlfriends in that sexy new red dress you recently found? Go ahead. Just because you don’t have a Valentine doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you’ve got one. Go have fun and be sexy!

dd82ab8d0bfd623103bba1aa736d7413_222971_0_ArchiesGirlsBettyAndVeronica8SValentine’s day isn’t just for couples! Many people show love and appreciation to friends and family on this day because sometimes a kind gesture like that can really make someone’s day. Here are gift ideas for your friends, family, and your cute little pups too!

6 Funny Love Humor Cards And Envelopes Set of 6

Make your friends and family laugh on Vday with a hilarious card to remind them of how special they are! I fell in love with these simple funny Valentine cards and know this would really brighten the day of all of my friends.il_570xN.415499967_gla1

Personalised Heart Shaped Lollipops

Want to show your friends and family you adore the hell out of them? Send them a card with a personalized Valentine lollipop. These little suckers are a cute and simple gesture of appreciation!


Cupids Arrow Bow Tie for Dog

My dog Rex has always been my little Valentine so to show him how much I ADORE him, I plan to get him this adorable cupid bow tie collar. So if you are a pet lover and want your pooch to look cute on Vday, give him this little gift of love!


Valentine Cat Gift Catnip Toys Bowl

Love your cat to he death of ya for loving you unconditionally forever and everer? Get her/him this cute Valentine Catnip toys set! I am sure he will love you even more for it!

That’s all for now folks! Now get to shopping because Valentine’s day will be here before you know it!


8 Comments on “Great Valentine gift ideas for everyone!

  1. Well played post sister… You did all the thinking for me. 🙂

  2. These really are the perfect gifts. You have thought pic everyone and everything! Well done! I’m gonna do some shopping during lunch!

  3. Amazing ideas. I have to admit I’m always very hesitant when it comes to deciding what kind of gift to buy for my girlfriend and I think this post is a great source of inspiration for those of us who want to buy or prepare something special but need some advice. 🙂 However, this year I’m gonna surprise her with a special gift I only recently discovered – cooking classes for couples here in Vancouver organized by Zac’s cooking school. So our love for each other will now be combined with our passion for cooking. 😀 What a great non-material gift.

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