Fitting Room Confessionals: Bettie Page Clothing NY

IMG_1908 There has been a lot of buzz in New York about the new Bettie Page Clothing store on 303 Bowery and I am here to show you why! A few days ago, my girlfriends and I paid the shop a visit and was enamored by everything we saw there. We were blown away by the mid-century inspired dresses, accessories, shoes, books, and more. This place is stocked with the fundamentals of being your very own pin-up girl. Even if you don’t follow the rockabilly lifestyle, so many of the Bettie Page dresses are so versatile you can combine them with your own modern accessories and looks. However, I am sure the Bettie Page store will hypnotize you enough to make you feel like you traveled through a time warp back to the 1950’s when women didn’t need an occasion to look glamorous.

My friend Priscilla and I tried on some of the BPC dresses and I just had to turn this into a Fitting Room Confessional post. We tried dresses and shoes and picked our favorites to share with all of you. Are you ready? Here is what you can find at the Bettie Page store RIGHT NOW!IMG_1890This is my friend Priscilla, she is an amazing makeup artist and an even better friend! I adore the hell out of her and she looks so amazing in the Alika Circle dress! I have this dress in green in the pencil fit and I can’t wait to wear it! IMG_1902Speaking of green.. I fell in love with this green Beverly dress. Not only did it fit well but it was so warm and comfortable for this time of year. It looks so cute with a belt! IMG_1899This color POPS on Priscilla! This is the Shopping Time dress and it looks great with the Bettie Page shoes! IMG_1900Aren’t they cute?! IMG_1903This was one of my top favorite dresses out of everything I tried on (I wanted them all). This is the Grapevine dress and it fits like a charm because of the stretch velvet. Most people are afraid of velvet but this dress far from scary, it’s sassy and sexy! Even better, it’s on SALE!IMG_1895Ahh the Ashley pencil dress. This is a popular style from the Bettie Page collection as it is very similar to the Captain. Now they are creating more colorways and names for them! This is bad as I already have the Captain dress in blue and white :). Priscilla looks divine in this gray/pink colorway! This dress is on SALE too!IMG_1893Priscilla looks GORG in this Jazmin pencil dress! Yup, this dress has my name written all over it..Literally ;)! I actually own this dress and not because it’s the same name as me but because it is so classic and chic. IMG_1910Are you dolls ready for this one? This is another one of my top favorites from the Bettie Page store! This is the Nancy dress and I can’t help but feel nautical and sassy in it! IMG_1908Care for some Iced Coffee? That is the name of this sassy little number! The color seemed tough but looked GREAT on. I love the buttons that lead to the pleats at the bottom of the skirt and the pretty little neckline. I need this dress in my life, pronto!IMG_1911I normally don’t wear white but this dress is a total exception! The color, pattern, and black sash waist makes this dress an elegant statement piece. It is called the Vail dress and it is so pretty. I wish my camera could have caught the slight shimmer in the fabric. IMG_1914And last but not least, I couldn’t leave without trying on this adorable Farmer Girl playsuit! What a cute and comfortable way to look stylish for a NY summer! I love it even more after finding out that it has pockets!

So tell me, which dress is your favorite?

What we tried on was not even 25% of what the Bettie Page Store holds. There are so many more dresses, shoes, and accessories. You all just have to stop by and check it out for yourselves. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Want to attend the Bettie Page NYFW event as well? Here are all of the details!


Happy shopping!


9 Comments on “Fitting Room Confessionals: Bettie Page Clothing NY

  1. Omg I love the white one it is so chute on out and I was just having a discussion about velvet lol that dress is hottt!!! I promised this year I will wear dresses I really own none I will def take a peak at the store I love black but need to find something that fit my body (short torso problems)
    anyways great post jazzy I loved everything you 2 looked really pretty

  2. I have been lusting after the Beverly since it came out, just waiting for a sale 😉 I love the cute little bow belt, on the website it says it doesn’t come with the dress unfortunately. I agree with you on the Iced Coffee, it didn’t appeal to me in pictures or on the hanger but when I tried it on (I wore it for a fashion show) the color was surprisingly flattering. Everything looks wonderful on you as always

    • the bow belts are only $10 and come in (red, black, navy, brown, lime green, white, & magenta 🙂 if you can find then on the on-line store, call one of the stores and order some, they are worth it. I work at the Mall of America Bettie Page 🙂 Sarah Dos

  3. Sweet B’jesus Jazzy 🙂 Bettie Page should do a signature capsule with you. Seems like a no brainer.

  4. You and Priscilla look beautiful in all those dresses. What is great about “Bettie Page” Clothing, is that the materials they use cling so nicely to your body no matter what shape and size you are. I can’t wait to visit the store. Great Job on the post.

  5. Pricilla’s body looks incredible in Shopping time. Her tattoos are so lovely. I surprisingly love the beverly dress- such a winter outfit! The playsuit is my favourite tho, as well as the classy vail dress. Hope you made a few purchases!

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