2012 in review!

8de5ddeaf6c93e2cf837e37d0beeecI hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s spent with your loved ones, driven and excited for what’s to come and all of the resolutions you plan to complete. 2012 was a very tough year for many of us but I am hoping 2013 is really the start of a new era of love, peace, and prosperity. This means it is time to get your hands on a new pinup calendar!pin-up-girls-2013-wall-calendar

I conquered many of the resolutions I set for myself last year. Just to name a few: I traveled as much as I could, opened my heart to love, got myself a wonderful art deco apartment, and redesigned my blog. Not too shabby if you ask me. 😉

It was still definitely a tough year for me and I was so close to giving up on blogging but as always, I couldn’t ever give up something I put my heart and soul into. With that said, I kept going, kept writing, kept sharing, and kept taking photos of my crazy outfits and each and every outfit helped put a smile on my face. Whenever times are tough and I am feeling blue, one of the ways I cope is by being creative whether it be through the mediums of sketching, photography, or dressing up (that’s an art too). I like to say “when you are feeling down, dress up” as it always makes me feel better when I look and feel glamorous. Many people who don’t understand “dressing up” as a cathartic way of feeling good will compare it as some cover up method like makeup. However, I beg to differ as I don’t know one person who doesn’t feel powerful in a well-tailored suit ;). This is why I dress up 95% of the time. I do it for me and not only do I feel good, but it allows me to be creative. In life I feel we should all have 2 outlets to succeed in happiness, an emotional outlet and a creative outlet. Dressing up cures them both for me. Styling your wardrobe is an art, complimenting your outfit with hair and makeup is also an art especially when you do vintage styles. This is art for me.

So In 2012 I did as I always do, I evolved fashionably. I played with different genres and eras of fashion whilst still keeping the aesthetic of mid-century fashion. I even dyed my hair red! As I did in 2011, here are my favorite outfits of 2012 from start to finish!dsc_03871Ahh, I miss my hair when it was black! Here is a picture of me at some mall in Queens with one of my epic hair-dos. I keep trying to make it look as good as it did on this day but it is always a hit or miss. I was feeling very vintage <3. Click here for the extended post.dsc_0449On this day I was off to meet up with my gal pal Maria in Brooklyn for lunch. I styled my outfit around this awesome hat I found at a huge flea market in Jersey. Click here to see the extended post.dsc_0551This is definitely one of my favorite looks of 2012. I was channeling my inner goddess for a night out at the boom boom room in all vintage ;). Click here to see the extended post.dsc_0497I never know how to dress for winter so I like to buy really cool coats to mask the boring outfits I have underneath them haha! I wore this for a casting lol. Click here to see the extended post.56561This was a thrifting outfit for me. I was not only thrifting but shooting a pilot so you know I had to look my best in a Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It!” ensemble. Click here to see the extended post!
cropI wore this amazing Stop Staring dress to the Manhattan Vintage Show! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1049I was la capitan at the IFB conference in another Stop Staring dress and my new vintage suitcase! See the extended post here!dsc_11451I wore Stop Staring AGAIN to a fashion week event at the Empire Hotel! See the extended post by clicking here.


This has to be my absolute favorite outfit of the year. I wore all vintage and some YSL pumps to a Gen Art event followed by a party at Lavo. See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0095I wore this pretty circle skirt from D&J Vintage to a J Brand event. See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0118I was feeling very 1940s on this night at WIP. See the extended post by clicking here.img_3587I wore this outfit when I was invited to the Bob Mackie showroom. I was feeling very dapper and inspired by Coney Island photos of gentlemen of the 1920s! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0079I wore this on one of my first days in Vegas for VLV! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0182Who knew turquoise and orange went so well together in Vegas? See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_02761Another VLV Vegas classic outfit was this blush colored Betsey Johnson dress. So glam! See the extended post by clicking here.lighterThis was one of my favorite outfits of 2012, the Stop Staring playsuit. I love love love love it! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_06561I was a safari queen in this outfit whilst roaming the Mandalay Bay zoo! Click here to see the extended post.dsc_00811Back in NY I was inspired to wear some of my Vegas vintage finds! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0112Rocking my new Prada tail light shades and my new vintage playsuit for a stroll in the city with my mom. See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0159Fierce and fiery in my new Christian Louboutin booties and Betsey Johnson coat and dress for a meeting in the city. Click here to see the extended post.dsc_0171Here I go again in Betsey at Gantry park in Queens! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0378Feeling very 50s for my dad’s car show in Queens I sported a Prada inspired top and skirt with my Christian Louboutin studded heels! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_0444Stop Staring definitely stole my heart in 2012. This is another one of their playsuits I sported in Brooklyn for fleet week! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1147Addicted to playsuits and rompers? I think so! I wore this Betsey romper for a lunch date with one of my friends followed by a Burberry event shortly after! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1253It was Betsey Johnson’s Bon Voyage party and even though I was sad, I dressed up in Betsey and felt happy! See the extended post by clicking here.9It was the 4th of July so I wore a spectacle of an outfit that left people seeing fireworks! See the extended post by clicking here.
dsc_1371Got the best of the Betsey Babe print before BJ went out of commission and I feel so fortunate to have these two Marilyn pieces! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1213Bettie Page made me swoon when they created this playsuit that came with a matching skirt! I wore it to Coney Island and it was perfect! See the extended post by clicking here.3I am now obsessed with cake pops and this was one of my favorite posts this year of my visit to Rudy’s Pastry Shop in Ralph Lauren! See the extended post by clicking here. dsc_1593I shocked my readers when I went red! I was feeling very disco with this new hair and sported this ensemble to the Standard hotel! See the extended post by clicking here.
dsc_1859Found this dress for super cheap at a Housing Works buy the bag sale in queens and paired it with my Crave Yard accessories! Click here to see the extended post.dsc_1784It was the day of the Afro Punk festival so I went in this vintage number and had loads of fun! Click here to see the extended post.dsc_1912Working that red hair in a vintage backless jumpsuit for Lucky Fabb! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1949It was FNO and I wore a fabulous vintage dress my boyfriend bought me! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_2162I was on cloud nine at the Ann Yee fashion presentation in my Xileration jumpsuit from Target. Yup, cheap but chic and I am a size 2 wearing a size XL and it doesn’t look like it right? That’s the beauty of being creative with fashion, you can make other sizes work! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_2515VROOM VROOM! This vintage Cadillac logo print dress was a stunner via NYFW! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_2656I was feeling phantasmic here at the How Very Dare presentation at Atelier in my new vintage  Disney Fantasia button down from Circus Freak Vintage! Check out the extended post by clicking here.
dsc_0071Twas the beginning of Autumn which meant it was time to pull out my vintage plaid threads! See the extended post by clicking here.5I just had to sport my How Very Dare 2 pc suit before the weather got too cold! My shoes were so neon you can’t even see the details of the heels! See the extended post by clicking here!dsc_0436I didn’t have a costume for Comicon so I went as none other than Barbie! Or at least that was the inspiration in my Polaroid sunglasses from Sunglasses shop! See the extended post by clicking here. 3-1Mom gave me a fresh red color on my locks and I was inspired to wear my new vintage plaid dress that reminded me of Vivienne Westwood! See the extended post by clicking here!
dsc_1280I was in Miami for Art Basel sporting Karen Millen in front of an SP ONE wall in true 60s fashion! See the extended post by clicking here.dsc_1410Day 2 in Miami was for Little Havana and Biscayne Boulevard vintage shopping in this tropical ensemble! Click here to see extended post.
dsc_1489Someone said “You make sneaker wedges look classy!” lolol <3. This was day 3 in Miami when I found out my Club Monaco skirt was actually SP ONE’s work. Look at Brainlington’s adorable smile! See the extended post by clicking here.
dsc_1649Day 4 of my trip to Miami for Art Basel wearing my new thrifted vintage dress I found at a thrift store in Hialeah! If not in Miami than when?! See the extended post by clicking here.

These were my favorite outfits I wore in 2012..

Which one is your absolute favorite?

19 Comments on “2012 in review!

  1. Love every single look. You definately take the best pictures. You worked it in every shot.

  2. It’s so difficult to choose a favorite outfit of the year. Like you, I have several: Boater hat outfit (I’m from the Coney Island area and feel that outfit captured the feel of vintage CI so well but with a modern, chic twist); the vintage aqua/teal-colored vamp dress (it was divine) the bomber jacket outfit (i love it when a touch of softness and femininity like with the fur and long flowy hair pops through quite a hard, masculine ensemble); the purple and black faux fur Betsey Johnson getup (it was perfection); the aquarium outfit (so cute!); the cake pop and fantasia shirt outfits (awesome casual/low-key getups); the barbie comicon outfit (i heart MM); the disco jumper (damn girl, you KILLED it) and, the HVD sunset outfit (the way you rocked that inspired me to actually drop $150 on one for myself!!). I also LOVED how you rocked the black Karen Millen dress in Miami with the red hair. Hot, hot, hot!!

    On another note, I normally don’t comment or post on your blog, but I follow it regularly and definitely appreciate your documentation of your outfits and sharing them with the world. I share your philosophy on style and ‘dress up’ and commend you on your courage to put it ‘out there’, virtually, sharing your honest thoughts on products, affordable places YOU shop at, pieces of your personal life, your unwavering creativity and experimentation with clothes and the body canvas, your persistence to blogging and your all-around commitment to excellence. All of this really does make a difference. While ‘dressing up’ on the daily definitely lifts my spirits, so does reading your blog. It’s like my weekly dose of candy, or like watching a favorite show.

    Thank you, Jazmin. I wish for you success and fulfillment and much love and light on your journey into 2013 and beyond.

  3. Damn, sorry for the long reply. I didn’t realize it was THAT long.

    • You could not have done a better job on that post, it definately speaks for the way we all feel about her. Glad that she inspires so many with her blog. I know that she appreciates your response. With followers like you, it will only allow her to share much more of her life with us all. Thank you.

  4. What wonderful outfits! The gorgeous Gen Art outfit is my favourite too but they’re all gorgeous! You’re my style inspiration for 2013 🙂

  5. Your outfits are always a great inspiration to me. Also I really like your attitude towards creativity and fashion and could not agree more that fashion and makeup are a form of art rather than a mask someone puts on. I enjoy creating a look around myself that makes me feel confident and sexy. I wish you a Happy New Year and please keep your fantastic blog posts coming… 🙂

  6. My Top 3
    2. Vintage backless jumpsuit for Lucky Fabb
    3. Betsey Romper with leopard plateaus


  7. I can’t pick a fav…well maybe the all white anchor outfit. But everything was out of this world. You have an amazing style and bod and I can’t wait to see more in the new year.

  8. People don’t comprehend when I say fashion is one of my artforms. The way one dresses themselves really does say a lot about your creative ability. If only I knew how to manipulate my hair to match!

    I personally LOVE you in anything androgynous or uniform inspired, as I myself love menswear as well. My favourite look would be your coney island inspired outfit. Your ability to feminize such military-outfits has got me addicted to a search for army greens and royal blues that can be used in vintage uniform inspired outfits. Ahh if only a man in blue came to my doorstep.

    I wish you all the best in 2013 Jazmin, I hope you get many more opportunities for yourself and to inspire others!

  9. Reblogged this on Putting on the Ritzz and commented:
    This woman is my inspiration for starting a blog. She is the epitome of where I want to be, and how I want to represent myself. I hope 2013 brings me even a remote amount of success as it has brought Jazmin of Vintage Vandalizm

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