Rookie Mag says: Damn girl ya look good!

Picture 15I know I am super late in posting this on my blog but Rookie Yearbook gave me a cute little shout out a few weeks ago. Marie Lodi, the writer and connaisseur of one of my favorite blogs “Agent Lover”, answers the questions of readers who need fashion advice and the story is called “Damn girl, ya look good”. To sum all of the questions up, this post is about finding clothes for all types of women with different bodies and how certain era’s of fashion compliment certain body types more than others. It is also about BOOBS so you all have to read this amazing write-up! I am so thankful Marie incorporated me into this post and gave me a shout out, here is what she said:

“One of my favorite bloggers, Vintage Vandalizm, knows how to work that pin-up look just as good as, if not better than, Dita Von Teese. Sometimes V.V. wears a bob wig for fun and still manages to pull off that sexy 50s style”

Check out the post by clicking here!

Thank you Marie!


2 Comments on “Rookie Mag says: Damn girl ya look good!

  1. You are definitely, a stunningly, gorgeous, woman. Your sense of style and fashion and passion for life are amazing!

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