The Fitting Room Confessionals!

IMG_3447The other day I met up with my good friend Nubia in the city for a walk around the city which included a few stops to a few stores. I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to anymore because I have so much stuff, but every now and then a little window shopping turns into a jackpot. Some of you may remember my old “Vintage Finds” posts where I would showcase all of the new treasures I found whilst thrifting. I used to spend hours taking photos in each and every item I bought showing you how I would potentially style it, but it was too much work and felt more like 10 outfit posts in one. I am so happy and relieved that I purchased a vintage Betsey Johnson mannequin because I saved myself from the hassle of dressing and undressing myself and the self-timer setting lol. Anyway, you dolls used to LOVE those posts and I think I need to resurrect them but in a different more hassle free way. So after a conversation with my friend Nubia that day, she gave me a great idea to start something called “The Fitting Room Confessionals”. The idea is to take pictures of everything I try on in the fitting room and talk about why I love or dislike it. It is also an opportunity for me to show you my tips/perspectives on shopping. In this post/case there were no casualties as I ended up taking everything home, but It is what I found that makes it so special…I blindly go through racks ignoring labels, looking for prints, bold/unique structures, and great tailoring. I feel it is the best way to shop as top designers don’t always create great clothing, sometimes I find great and unique pieces by people who aren’t really known at all and sometimes the quality is even better. So for my first tip, look at the design first and the designer later.

I am always looking for a collector’s item, something unique that I don’t already have and on this extraordinary day I found 4 pieces that made my year at no other than Buffalo Exchange, one of my favorite shopping destinations. IMG_3447Take a look at this amazing structured peplum dress. The first thing that caught my eye were the sleeves and the open back.DSC_1663I love dresses that remind me of my vintage dresses with a modern twist of that rock and roll edge of the future. The material was soft but the dress looked like it was carved out of rock and that made it more interesting to say the least. When I took this piece home, I decided to research the pieces I found. It made sense Lela Rose is a RTW/wedding fashion designer from Dallas who was actually a painting and sculpture major. Her pieces are beautiful but not cheap which made my find even more enjoyable. Lela Rose pieces are usually $1000 and up and I only paid $22! I love finding things that are worth more than the price tag!DSC_1671I love that the back is open!DSC_1666You can’t see but the sleeves are actually quite interesting, they have a profound shape to them, giving me a power shouldered look.IMG_3444I have been looking for wool circle skirts for a few months now, particularly in black, gray, and blue colors for winter. I was ecstatic & curious when I saw this plaid skirt on the mannequin at the shop and just had to try it on. I usually say, if it makes you curious, just try it on. I am glad I did because this was no ordinary skirt. The material was soft but had a thick structure to it that made it fluff out without the help of a petticoat! It fit my waist perfectly and a bonus was that it also has pockets! This is a shorter skirt than I was initially looking for but it has all of the colors I wanted in a circle skirt and the fit was amazing. It reminded me of Liv from Empire Records so I just had to have it.DSC_1683The skirt is by Porter Grey, again, I had no idea who the designer was until I did research when I got home. From what I have observed from Porter Grey pieces, these sisters like to play with/combine feminine and masculine influences to create crisp, classic, and clean garments for any fashionista who wants to look good. Their pieces are usually $400+, I found this skirt for just $16!
IMG_3453This is the most amazing thing I have found in a LONG time. I saw it behind the register and it looked really interesting to me. I didn’t actually think I’d be going home with it as it looked kind of long on the hanger, but after trying it on I HAD TO HAVE IT.  This has to be one of the most unusual/unique new pieces I have added to my collection of dresses. The see-through panels, the abstract graphics, and the slit elbows make this a HUGE statement piece I can only wear come fashion week. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world that day, leaving with two amazing dresses..DSC_1676This one is by Falguni & Shane Peacock, I had never heard of them before but boy am I glad this dress lead me to learning more about them. After seeing pictures of their runway collections, I was completely floored by their intricate & futuristic designs. Their pieces really are works of art and I feel so fortunate to have one of their pieces in my home. F&S dresses can run you from $2,000 to almost $19,000 and I bought this bad girl for just $150.DSC_1679Words cannot express how much I love this dress! The mannequin does it no justice!DSC_1680Love the back of the dress too! It is STUNNING.IMG_3454Last but not least, after searching for the perfect leopard backpack..I finally found one by BDG. This one was hanging out in the purse section almost buried by the massive amounts of purses and I saw it right away. It is perfect for my laptop and the many other things a bag lady can stuff in it. I have already wore it a million times since I bought it last week and I am still very much in love with it. You can find the same one at Urban Outfitter for $79 but I found this bad girl for $22!

Big thank you fashion gods for giving me the eyes to see the potential in things treasure hunters have not found yet! I am a very happy girl!


12 Comments on “The Fitting Room Confessionals!

  1. I love absolutely everything that you found, especially that futuristic dress but the retro dress is divine also! You are amazing at what you do!

  2. Yes that dress is awesome. rminds me or Transformers. Can wait to see how you wear it out!

  3. I am happy to hear that you will be resurrecting your posts regarding your best thrift finds! I loved the pieces in this post, especially the dresses, what gems! Felices Pascuas!!

  4. Awesome finds!!! That last dress is a futuristic gem, can’t wait to see how you style it for fashion week! 🙂

  5. the dresses are amazing. the only thing more thrilling than finding an amazing garment is getting it at a great bargain and then realizing how much you really did save. I love posts on folks thrift store finds.

  6. I absolutely love the first dress! That print is incredible and so unique. The peplum and the strong shoulders are great. I wish I had more “high-fashion” thrift stores in my town, though I have some great finds from my local thrift stores, nothing so special as that!

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