Art Basel 2012: Day cuatro!

IMG_3270It was my last day in Miami before I was off the next morning to NYC. We were supposed to head down to south beach on this day but me and the beau decided to relax and enjoy something a little closer to home like the stunning rooftop pool of our complex that had a breathtaking view of Brickell. I was stoked to enjoy a more private rendezvou in my new vintage swimsuit as it was a bit too scandalous for Miami beach (or not). I bought the swimsuit at Vintage Revenge just a few days earlier at Biscayne Boulevard with no intentions of actually wearing it outside of a photo shoot but figured, why not? I could let it collect dust as a collection piece or wear it with pride, so I wore it with pride. As I said before, the owner and I don’t really know if it is truly vintage Versace (I don’t care either) from the 80’s as the tag was snipped off. However, it seems legit to me so I wore the swimsuit with a vintage blouse (I also found in Miami) that was also vintage Versace-esque and it worked together perfectly.

It was a relaxing day well spent before we were off to Wynwood to check out a few more galleries we might have missed. Sadly, my Nikon was acting up so all I had was my phone to document the entire day. For my last day, we really made it count. Wynwood was booming with art lovers and music, the streets were lined with amazing classic cars, the art was inspiring, and I got to wear another one of my Miami vintage finds, a Hawaiian dress I found at Red, White and Blue! To top off of an amazing day, when I arrived at Fania to support my best friend Santiago, he was doing a live painting of ME! I couldn’t believe my eyes and am so excited to show you the finished piece (when he finishes it lol). He did such an amazing job showcasing his art at this event and people were drooling over his work. I love to see my friends succeed and am so proud of him. Alas, after a great ending at Fania, my trip was over. What was the best part about my trip to Miami? Spending it with my love and all of my friends who attended. It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

IMG_3281It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

IMG_3268The view.DSC_1614The suit. An 80’s high-waist but I dig it!IMG_3211The swimsuit on ;). I was kinda nervous putting this pic up on instagram as I usually don’t post pictures like this too often but figured, what the hell. If I look great and feel great, that’s all that matters.IMG_3232Heaven.
IMG_3275Love how this top compliments the swimsuit.
IMG_3221Lounging around.IMG_3225IMG_3245Stole my boyfriend’s glasses haha.


I really loved it here.IMG_3256 IMG_3400Dawn.IMG_3289Ready for the night’s festivities!IMG_3396Miami is just as pretty at night.DSC_1649My new vintage Hawaiian dress!IMG_3302Wynwood!IMG_3304Posing in front of Eric’s (from 004Connec) ride!IMG_3305Boom!
IMG_3329Another great ride! They were all over Wynwood!IMG_3308 IMG_3312 IMG_3316 IMG_3318 IMG_3297Yes.IMG_3293Amazing guns at a work shop.IMG_3294Dope!
IMG_3300Shiro and her cute character!IMG_3339“Enjoying a fine hand-rolled cigar is like making love with a woman”.IMG_3333Evoca1!IMG_3334 IMG_3337The lovely works of Tatiana Juarez!
IMG_3345Some cool work I saw at the Brisky Gallery.IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3348 IMG_3349Boop-oop-e-doop!IMG_3353My little pony!IMG_3356So cool!

IMG_3361Loved this piece by Rafael Espitia. IMG_3319Came across this music event walking around Wynwood.IMG_3321Loved this girls costume!IMG_3326These too! Whoa!DSC_1648Fania at the Pax Performing Arts Center supporting/celebrating the works of my friend Derek Santiago!DSC_1647We wrote our names with love.
DSC_1639My bestie has the best business cards!DSC_1637Love how Santiago’s artwork inspires and brings so much light to a dark room. His work is so unique.DSC_1644 DSC_1640Derek working his magic which is projected on the big screen!DSC_1641Hey that’s my eye-ball and my adorable BF in the background 😉
DSC_1634Love this Aerosol flower he is creating.
DSC_1638 IMG_3382I nearly died when he put all of the layers together! It is me!!!IMG_3388I can’t wait to show you guys the finished piece!

Thank you so much to my best friend Derek for making me a part of this amazing event at the Pax Performing Arts Center.

Also, big thank you to my beau for bringing me to Art Basel to experience this amazing art movement with him. I had a wonderful time and couldn’t have asked for more.

Till next year Basel!


18 Comments on “Art Basel 2012: Day cuatro!

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed the festivities.
    Not being a tiki girl myself, I love the dress you wore! I never quite understood how Santiago does his art, but its always phenomenal.
    – Much love from your new friend Rita

  2. that bathing suit was waiting just for you and that hawaiian dress was perfect for a wynwood night!
    …and finally a glimpse of your bf. nice shoes and tattoos with a leisure pose. seems aaallright. just the best for you.

  3. You look gorgeous! I have a question about your hair. I recently attempted to get mine a rich cherry red like that but the hairdresser was afraid to lighten it first and just put a red dye on which just didn’t end up the nice cherry colour I wanted. This is the second time this has happened with red and a hairdresser and so I’m thinking of just doing it myself. Did you lighten/bleach your hair first? Do you have an awesome hairdresser with the right dye? Is the colour more of a post-processing photo effect?

    • Hi Alko, I’m not sure that she will reply. I know Loreal has a line thats called Excellence Hi Color for Dark hair only. Its a one step thing. Thats what I use on my hair and it always takes the color. I get it at sallys.

      • Hey! thank you for answering Aikio’s question! I use the same one you mentioned “Loreal for dark hair” color “Red”. <3333

      • Thank-you! I used the Loreal dye and voila! Bright red locks! Thanks so much 🙂

  4. You’re so damn paintable lol. It’s no surprise he uses your image for his work. Makes me want to do a piece now! Can’t wait to see the final result, looks amazing so far! (:

  5. WOWZA i love that swimsuit (and you really did pull it off!) and mmmm that vintage hawaiian dress is perfection! You have a bombshell’s curves!

  6. Always a pleasure reading your posts and looking at the great pictures. Though I am not use to seeing you displaying so much skin, you did look “Hot” in that bathing suit. Loved the dress and hot cars. The Art was beautiful and Derek will always be one of my favorite Artists. Someday, I will have a room full of his beautiful art. Glad you and your friends had a great time.

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