Art Basel 2012: Day tres!

DSC_1489It was day 3 of my trip to Miami for Art Basel and I savored every minute of the experience since I only had 2 more days to take it all in. The weather was, as usual, bright and sunny so I dressed casual for a day of exploring. Our first stop was Wynwood where I got to watch some graff og’s paint walls. Like I said in my previous posts, it is so inspiring to watch these artists paint giant walls. This time, I wasn’t the only one inspired. Photography legend, Ricky Powell, stopped by EWOK 5MH‘s wall and loved his Brainlington character. Hell, he loved the whole wall and took some photos with Ewok’s art while listening to his vintage portable radio. He was certainly a character and I was glad to have met him. Then I was off to some thrift shops in Hialeah with my girl Ingrid. I wish I documented the damn thing but it was the last thing on my mind since I was too occupied looking for treasures. You know you are in an amazing thrift store when you forget to take pictures of the treasures you find. Alas, I took some when I got back home and will share that with you all soon.

After a day of thrifting, I ran back home to change into my freak-um dress for the “Art of Basketball” private event. I was excited to attend because after the last few I have been to, I knew this would be fun. This time was especially special as EWOK 5MH’s work was front and center of the event as soon as you walked in. He did such an amazing job creating wonderful works of art in the theme of basketball and it was nice to see so many people appreciate it. I am also so proud that aside from painting floor boards and basketball hoops, he also designed the basketball for the new NBA2K game! Other talented artists also did an amazing job contributing to the Art of Basketball like graff og  COPE2, cutie-pie Sand Oner, Shiro, Mr.Brainwash, and more. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…Shake Shack sponsored the event and gave out free cheeseburgers, fries, and ice cream the whole night! specialty drinks were served as well but I don’t drink so I didn’t care lol. I love parties that serve food!. Anyway, It made me so happy to see the artwork of my friends showcased at such an amazing event and boy did we have a great time.  The event was successful and then we were off to see the Luxotica exhibition back in Wynwood where I enjoyed seeing classic cartoons and Cadillac symbols painted on giant canvas’. See photos inside!DSC_1451 My beau and I woke up to this view every morning. So amazing.DSC_1453Soaking it all in..DSC_1477Wynwood. Nice ride!DSC_1524BOOM.
IMG_3133Me and the girls! Inimac and Indie 184!DSC_1521JEE, DERO, COPEDSC_1472 DSC_1471 DSC_1466 DSC_1470This cute stray cat hung out with the boys while they painted. What a beauty.
DSC_1457Ewok 5MH finishing his Brainlington character.
DSC_1490Here are some outfit shots I took in front of my favorite guy Brainlington!DSC_1483I love to mix eras, cultures, and art into my style so I went with a v-neck top, Club Monaco circle skirt with a graffiti print by SP ONE, my Ash wedge sneakers, and my vintage shades. DSC_1491It was 50’s meets the 80’s as I sported vintage shades, V-shaped door knockers, and my name plate necklace which is also reminiscent of my Puerto Rican culture…And of course to seal the deal I gave myself bumper bangs!
DSC_1496I didn’t realize my skirt print was by SP ONE until my boyfriend pointed it out! So awesome to have a friends art on my clothes!
DSC_1498I knew I would be running around so these Ash sneakers came in handy!
DSC_1510..And that’s Ricky Powell lol! Taking shots of two nurses that just ran out of work to take pics of Wynwood walls on a Honda like 2 badass broads lol.DSC_1512Ricky really liked Brainlington, can’t blame him..Brainy is so lovable!DSC_1508Wynwood walls.
IMG_3143 DSC_1519 Another Ricky Powell shot in front of another EWOK 5MH piece. Woop WOOP.IMG_3144 IMG_3162Night time is the right time for this kind of dress. 😉DSC_1573Art of Basketball private event.DSC_1525EWOK5MH front and center baby!DSC_1527COPE is DOPE yeah boyyyyyy.DSC_1555

Love love love!DSC_1566Mini floor boards done by kids!DSC_1550Indie 184, Cope2, and I 😀DSC_1530Hoops!DSC_1540EWOK 5MH’s basketball hoop and ball!
DSC_1532 DSC_1558So vintage..loves it!DSC_1538Cope2 BOOM!DSC_1531 DSC_1533 DSC_1543Tried to get a pic of Ewok’s other floor board but this basketball player was in the way ;pDSC_1537Another Cope Piece!DSC_1544 DSC_1569Shake Shack burgers!DSC_1548hanging with Indie, doing what I do best. ;p
DSC_1553 DSC_1561Kweenz Destroy woop woop!DSC_1570Jee, Nessa, Cope, Ewok, Indie!DSC_1536I spy Sand Oner!IMG_3177Cadillac grills, Cadillac spills at the Luxotica Exhibit!IMG_3189Cadillac logo’s by Ivory.IMG_3186Can I take this one home?IMG_3178This one too?IMG_3166And this one by CES too?IMG_3168Amazing work by CES!IMG_3181Last but not least, Natasha and Boris by CES!

Good times!

Stay tuned for day 4!


4 Comments on “Art Basel 2012: Day tres!

  1. The art is awesome, but I wanna see more of the walking artwork that is you!

  2. ohhhh so you’re dating ****. das cute 😉 the amount of talent in that couple is immeasurable!!

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