Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day dos!

DSC_1426On day two, I spent less time in Wynwood and more time exploring other parts of Miami with my beau like little Havana and Biscayne Boulevard. I wanted to see cool deco hotels, motels, and thrift stores as well as the culture of Little Havana and thanks to our good friend Frank, we were able to visit the best spots. Our first stop was Little Havana were I was inspired by the culture of the people there. It was so dope to see latin elders play dominos and chess while smoking their cuban cigars. I also fell in love with an art deco theater there that featured some really awesome old films. Then we were off to Versailles Cuban Cuisine to enjoy a VERY YUMMY breakfast that was so good, I miss it terribly. After that we went off to Biscayne Boulevard where I was also completely floored & inspired by the amazing architecture of the hotels. It is heaven for people like me who follow the rockabilly culture. So many of them are still in mint condition despite being built 50-60 years ago. I wish New York would have salvaged great architecture like Miami did, it really amazing. I also fell in love with some of the cute thrift stores on Biscayne like Vintage Revenge and Fly Boutique. They were both super cute and full of goodness at decent prices. I found some very special things at both shops but really hit the jackpot at Vintage Revenge. I have to say VR was my favorite because the owner was so sweet/helpful and she had such amazing vintage pieces from my favorite eras. I found the BEST swimsuit there that may or may not be Versace (as if I care anyway). The tag is missing and she was pondering if it was too. Regardless, this swimsuit was BAD (in a good way). It was so amazing, I was afraid to wear it but had to have it as It fit me like a glove. Ironically I found a vintage Cache top as well that looked great with it, only it was a bit over my price range for that sorta thing. With my luck my friend ended up finding one for me just like it at Red White and Blue in Hialeah for just $5.95 so on day 4 I sported them both (post coming soon). After an eventful day of sight-seeing, we revisited Wynwood and then went off to Fania to support my best friend Santiago at his awesome showcase via the Pax Performing Arts Center. See photos inside!DSC_1410For vintage shopping, I wore vintage! Everything I am wearing was thrifted.DSC_1416My circle skirt is vintage, my top doesn’t have a tag, my belt is Betsey Johnson.DSC_1431My sunglasses and necklace is vintage.DSC_1425My purse was thrifted at Housing Works Warehouse.DSC_1432My shoes are by Jessica Simpson.DSC_1442I think our friend Frank said this place is a spa.DSC_1365Little Havana!DSC_1358Love this place.DSC_1360Miami elders playing dominos.DSC_1363 DSC_1364Gentleman looking dapper playing chess.DSC_1353Deco Theater!DSC_1355Diana Vreeland!DSC_1370This stadium looks like a space ship from far! Our friend is opening a cigar shop there soon called 100 Fires and we are so excited to see it come into fruition!DSC_1371Amazing deco art.IMG_3068IMG_3062Now I understand why this is the world’s most famous cuban restaurant. I had steak and eggs and wanted seconds!DSC_1444Cool architecture of restaurants and hotels on Biscayne Boulevard!DSC_1382Love how the floor is paved with cool 50s/60s art!
Amazing!IMG_3078New York hotel!
l-2Vintage Revenge!DSC_1401Can you tell why I love this place? GahhhhhhDSC_1406Leopard and fur!DSC_1402This place was stocked with such amazing dresses and accessories. So many springolators!DSC_1403Delish accessories!DSC_1405Bakelite!DSC_1404The mens section was impressive too!DSC_1400This is the vintage swimsuit I found there!DSC_1398Looks great with that Cache blouse, I was so sad to let it go but got lucky later when my friend found one like it!DSC_1383So regal!DSC_1385Meow!DSC_1396Loved this dress too but it fit me a little too big as I am a size 2 and this fit more like an 8. If you live in Miami and fit a size 8, go to VR and get this dress so I can live vicariously through you!Fly-Boutique-2Fly boutique!DSC_1407I didn’t find anything here but I did like the shop…and this jacket too!IMG_3080At another cute shop I found these mints. So funny!IMG_3106Back in Wynwood I caught a glimpse of this URNEWYORK wall! So cute!
IMG_3105 IMG_3107DSC_1448love this Salvador Dali wall!IMG_3102Cute little bullet trailer!
IMG_3111At Fania for Derek Santiago’s showcase! My bestie is so damn talented!IMG_3114Giant works of Santiago’s art on display.IMG_3121I changed up my hair a bit for this event :).

I will show more coverage of the Fania event on day 4 as I covered more on that night and was also part of a live painting!

Stay tuned for day tres!


13 Comments on “Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day dos!

  1. Glad you had a great time and was able to visit so many nice places. You looked beautiful as always. Loved the wall art and Dereks work is so beautiful. I wish I had a bigger apartment so that I can buy those larger prints and display them all over my walls.

  2. Wow! I love all that awesome architecture and so totally want to go to those vintage shops, here in England they are so overpriced and don’t have nearly as much awesome stuff in stock. Looking forward to your next installment of your Miami trip!

  3. I love all the things you get to do..Keep doing a great job, sweety..I love the stuff you showed, its beautiful!! Have fun and enjoyed!!

  4. Its nice to see these pics of where im from and see all the time that i just take for granted.

  5. And im sure ur usage of the Spanish language was at an all time high in little Havana!

  6. lovely as always….please do you have an instagram account?if not i think you should try it<your blog followers will triple!!,,,i just put a collage of your pics on my instagram and tagged your blog so that people can come here is getting alot of likes 🙂

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