Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day Uno!

DSC_1275I have been anticipating Art Basel since the last one I attended in 2011 with Kweenz Destroy. I had sooo much fun last year and met so many great people and thankfully, I was gifted a trip to celebrate Art Basel again this year-thanks to my wonderful beau who attends every year to create big beautiful works of art all over the walls of the Wynwood district. I was so psyched to finally have a vacation as this has been such a tough year. All I wanted to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun vacation that reminds me how beautiful life really is. I am a little sad to be back, however, I feel empowered, refreshed, inspired, and rejuvenated from my experience there and cannot wait to attend again next year. I was so impressed by the graffiti that adorned Wynwood walls and the imagination it took to create such ornate pieces. Walking around Wynwood; you almost wish you could turn walls into canvas’ that you could take home with you. These artists put so much passion into their work, it’s inspiring to watch them paint live, especially EWOK 5MH. I watched him paint giant massive walls that left me astonished that someone could paint in such a big perspective an artist, myself, I’d find it very difficult to create such large works of art that are proportional and flawless. I was also happy I got to see the live works of SP ONE, INDIE 184, JICK, COPE2, DERO, and JEE. They are all such talented Graffiti artists who really made an impact on the Wynwood walls this year. You will see photos of their work within in my next few posts. This photo was taken in front of SP ONE’s wall, I loved his piece and the colors he used!

Anyway, day one was a day of exploration. I watched artists paint walls, roamed around Wynwood, went to two thrift shops, and enjoyed the galleries with my beau before we were back home to enjoy the night lights of Miami. Check out the photos inside!IMG_2984Rise and shine!IMG_2983We had such a lovely view!IMG_2998Love the artwork that was showcased in our building ❤ Gotta love Sophia Loren.DSC_1256Wynwood.<3DSC_1245EWOK 5MH!DSC_1246 DSC_1244I love that his work is full of imagination and humor. You can always count on Ewok to create a random but wonderful work of art that will always make you smile!DSC_1297Next to EWOK’s piece was SP ONE. Love his work and all of the colors he used so I had to take outfit shots in front of it!DSC_1262I dressed casual on this day, nothing major, but I really loved this outfit.DSC_1280I felt like a sock hopper in this cool Karen Millen sweater, Steve Madden burnt orange brogues, vintage shades, and American Apparel shorts, top, and belt. It was the sweater that inspired the outfit, I love it so much.
DSC_1286The red hair ties the look together too!DSC_1292My orange brogues!DSC_1294The entire SP ONE wall and some more of his and EWOK’s art work is on the roof.DSC_1247Found my friend COPE2’s work while I was exploring! Woop woop!DSC_1298Pretty treesDSC_1242“My brother just married a two-headed lady. Is she pretty you ask? Well, yes and no”. LMAO!DSC_1309JICK did an amazing job on this wall. SPONE’s other piece is peaking through the roof.DSC_1251EWOK working his magic with this massive space!DSC_1254Progress shots!
DSC_1301BOOM.DSC_1307“Can I take your picture? What do you go by?”. lmao!DSC_1308“Hold my calls”. ;DIMG_3028Walking around to stop at the thrift shops 🙂grubstake-with-truck-2-smallGive Good Works Thrift shop. I found a few things here that will be showcased in another post.IMG_3013Love everything about this!IMG_3014Patrick Nagel!IMG_3015My new friend Moe.IMG_3016Love this sweater!IMG_3018Love these old posters!IMG_3019Old photographs. Eeeerrrieeee.IMG_3020She looks pissed but so pretty!IMG_3021Smile much?IMG_3022Love!DSC_1318I love the 004Connec Shop, It is also a gallery! They just also opened a cafe next door called Graffe and it is amazing! Here is some of the great artwork you will find there.DSC_1316EWOK 5MHDSC_1317COPE2DSC_1319SHIRO!DSC_1322This gallery was the talk of Wynwood. ASIF’s guns! He makes them out of cardboard!DSC_1323 DSC_1324 IMG_3050When you can make guns like this that you can trigger and dismantle seamlessly, that’s TALENT.DSC_1327These bad boys were for sale!DSC_1325DSC_1328DSC_1330Loved it!DSC_1331After Asif, we stopped by the “50 Shades of Art” gallery that was featuring my friends Indie 184 and Cope 2 along with other great artists. This is Indie’s work and I was floored by her new pieces!DSC_1332LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!IMG_3051This was my favorite piece by Indie! SO AMAZING!
DSC_1337 DSC_1340COPE2!DSC_1343This was my favorite COPE2 piece! Love it!DSC_1344SECRET007!
DSC_1346The Get up Kids!
IMG_2969EWOK 5MH Brainlington from 2011 still up and running!DSC_1349Not sure who the artist of this piece is but I love it!
IMG_2976Back home to enjoy the rest of the night with this beautiful view!

Stay tuned for day 2!


9 Comments on “Art Basel 2012 in Miami: Day Uno!

  1. I don’t know how they do it either. I can barely make a stick figure, so it all floors me.
    Indie’s work is awesome.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was there for a few hours one day and I loved it, I saw some of what u show here, but Thanks for filling me in on all the stuff i missed!

  3. Great art! They are so talented. And you are sooo lucky you got to go to Miami at this time of year. I LOVE Florida and get to go only in July.
    P.S. I always love your shiny black hair, but you look amazing as a red head too!

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