Winter’s coming but it feels like Spring <3

It has been quite a while since I have done an outfit post but I have been way too busy lately, so busy that I haven’t had much time to even post at all. Alas I was off today for Thanksgiving and decided to wear a dress I recently found at a thrift store that my mom ended up taking pics of while we were taking a stroll around my old neighborhood. I have been dying to wear this wool plaid dress. It reminds me of something Vivian Westwood would create but it is actually by Kal Kaur Rai. I couldn’t believe I found such a statement piece here at a local thrift store in the Bronx but I am not complaining. It only cost me $7.50! I probably should have saved it for fashion week but decided every week is fashion week in my life, I am sure I will cook something up when it’s time to cross that bridge. Anyway, it was beautiful outside. The leaves were falling from the trees but it felt like the beginning of spring. I was able to walk around without my jacket for most of the day until the evening when the sun started to set. I wanted to channel the punk rock style of the 70s with a 50s touch. I love to clash eras and create outfits that work. Leather, plaid, and studs are all signature staples of punk rock style and since my dress reminded me of the queen of punk fashion Vivian Westwood, it felt oh-so-right to pair it with my Christian Louboutin spiked pumps, Agent Provocateur gloves, and Betsey Johnson studded purse. I also wore cuban heel hosiery by Leg Avenue. All in all, It was an all around win and if it got too cold, I carried my scape by Theresa Dapra and my buckle boots by Steve Madden. I always like to carry an extra pair of shoes. My friends make fun of me because they say I change from heels to heels lol. I had to bring my boots because my shoes were open toe and we all know those type of shoes are meant for spring/summer but I didn’t care. Cheers to being fashionable and comfortable on a beautiful day like this one.Astoria Park<3Plaid and leather go great together.Power Shoulder Jacket by Super Trash. Gloves by Agent Provocateur.
Scape by Theresa Dapra. It can be molded into a hood.
I love the shape of this dress. It has so much character.Love that these stockings match my skin tone. It is only because I become so pale during fall/winter lol.Pardon how pale I look in this photo. My camera needs good sunlight to operate at it’s best haha. I look so vampy 😉
back seams and studded CL heels 😉It started to get nippy later in the day so I bundled up and changed my open-toe shoes into boots.XOXO!

14 Comments on “Winter’s coming but it feels like Spring <3

  1. The photo where you think you look really pale is my favourite photo! I love the light in it 🙂 This dress is so up my street and the way youve styled it is just perfect. Miss you xo

  2. ” I probably should have saved it for fashion week but decided every week is fashion week in my life” <–this is why I follow this blog 🙂

    Your hair looks so vibrant! Do you dye it yourself or get it done somewhere?

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