I am pleased to announce that I am featured in ASOS Magazine’s December 2012 issue! I cannot fully express how exciting it is that Asos, one of my favorite shopping destinations, now has me featured in their magazine. I am so thankful and loved this interview. I think it is so awesome they they call me the “Bronx Carrie Bradshaw”. Though I am originally from Queens, I now reside in the Bronx and expressed my love for my new borough during the interview. I also spoke about my greatest treasures and influences. I hope all of you love the interview as much as I do! For those of you in the UK, pick up your December Issue of Asos Magazine today and for those of you in the US, you can read the issue and my feature by clicking here!Thank you ASOS!

9 Comments on “ASOS asks WHO’S THAT GIRL?

  1. Congratulations! Its nice to be recognized and featured for all that you do.

  2. Hello Jasmin! I recently purchased an Asos magazine (that came with a Nylon mag, too!) and I read the article featuring your blog. I liked the article and decided to look up your blog. I think your blog is very charming. I am a fashion fan and have an appreciation for vintage, too. (Plus, I’m a New Yorker, too! shout out!) What really caught my eye is the tidbit piece about your inspirations based off of Betty Paige and Tongolele. I am a big fan of Tongolele too.

    Keep up with your awesome blog!

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