V Day at Nurse Bettie’s!

After a long hiatus, probably the longest I have ever had away from my blog, I am finally back! The past few weeks have been hectic because I have been working two gigs at once working 14-15 hour days and havent had many days off to catch up on life. Alas I am back with a birthday post about my big day as a 26-year-old pinup girl.

I had no time to plan some big birthday fiesta at all. I just knew my good friend Mark Mori, the director of the documentary “Bettie Page Reveals All“, was throwing a pre-screening party at Nurse Bettie’s followed by a midnight screening of his film at the IFC and figured this was a perfect way to spend my birthday. I killed 2 birds with one stone by attending and celebrating my birthday at the event with a few of my closest friends. My night was wonderful considering It was so spontaneous and last-minute. I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes you just can’t plan these sort of things, sometimes going wherever the wind takes you is just less stressful and more exciting.

Nurse Betty’s was an awesome place to start the night. It was a very intimate setting and the walls were adorned with giant Elvgren inspired pinups. We all had a blast over drinks and hor dourves and all of the girls were dressed up like pinups. I can’t even tell you how cathartic it was to have such a special day like this after the hectic and tiring few weeks I have had working my butt off. I was so tired, Immediately after the film I ran off home to sleep. I originally saw the film while I was out in Vegas earlier this year and it was just as great to see it again. Bettie Page was a phenomenal woman and still inspires me with her story every time I see this awesome documentary. Mark Mori has done a wonderful job keeping Bettie’s image alive and I know if she was alive today, she would be very thankful for the work he has done in sharing her true story. I have to thank him too for making my birthday extra special and welcoming my friends as well.Love these Elvgren inspired images by Brian Life!Pretty Bar!Jackie, Priscilla, and I in our sassy prints!
My girls!Me and Mark Mori! He is such a great film maker!My favorite Chola Andrea! I was drooling over her shoes!This is Priscilla, one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. Such a great friend!Our Shoes!My bestest friend in the world, Derek, saw some pinups he already knew! Such sweet girls! Oh! This is what I wore for my birthday, nothing too crazy because I was way too tired, just a $12 two piece suit from Italy that I found at Salvation Army a few weeks ago :). Red hair and leopard just go so well together 😉My belt has two leopard heads and chains in between them, it is also vintage from Billy’s Antiques. My shoes are by Christian Louboutin. ❤Nom Nom Nom!My good friend Susanna stopped by with her bestie Diana. They both are so sweet/gorg and I am so glad they came!My favorite biker babe Nina also came. I love this girl to the death of me.
Instead of a cake, I wanted waffles! Cakes are so cliché!

Good times!

8 Comments on “V Day at Nurse Bettie’s!

  1. You look fabulous and so does everyone else!! damn! Happy Birthday from the UK x

  2. OMG so jealous, love your dress. Running to Salvation Army right now, haha. Happy Birthday and I love leopard on me and on you as well!

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