“A day in the life” by Revecka Natalia Photography

Revecka Natalia of Delicious Dames, was in town on holiday and asked me If I wanted to partake in an interview and photo shoot. Delicious Dames has helped thousands of women who struggle with self-esteem and weight issues find their confidence and happiness. I have always been an advocate of positive body image so I agreed gladly. Revecka and I have the same motive. This is same reason why I started my blog in the first place, to inspire women like me to be free from conformity, insecurity, and to follow what they are passionate about. It was refreshing to meet someone I could really relate too. Revecka is a multi-talented dame who went through so much but conquered it all. I admire her for being such a wonderful and giving person who genuinely loves helping women learn how to be healthy, happy, and successful. Revecka and I took our own negative past experiences and used that to motivate us to be a better version of ourselves, to love ourselves, and to teach others how to conquer those negative insecure thoughts. My time spent with her was awesome and our encounter made me want to move to California even more. I invited her to my home so she can see the day in the life of a pinup girl in the Bronx. We took photos and I also did a video interview on body image (coming soon). Check out these photos she took of me in my pinup pad before I was off to work.Negligee: Guy Laroche

Ostrich Feather Robe/Earrings: Vintage
Dress: Karen MillenJacket: Asos

Shoes: Chanel

Dress: Karen Millen

Gloves/Stole: VintagePurse: Betsey Johnson

Special thanks to..

Visit DeliciousDames.com for more of Revecka Natalia Photography.

14 Comments on ““A day in the life” by Revecka Natalia Photography

  1. I think that’s what makes you so beautiful, You’re just so at ease with yourself and you embrace your body 100%. There is nothing more inspiring than a woman who loves and accepts her body despite the ridiculous pressure to be stick thin in today’s society and I think that shines through your blog. ❤

  2. much love mama! It is rare in this scene to find girls that beat to their own drum. I absolutely loved spending the day with you! Was such a huge pleasure! Can’t wait to do it again!

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