Marilyn Monroe Reinvented at Milk Studios

My gal pal Nubia invited me to the opening reception of the Bert Stern Marilyn Monroe Reinvented exhibition at Milk Studios and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I have been to a few events at milk and always have a great time so I invited my best friend Derek and on the way there we bumped into his friend Carlos so we invited him too lol. The event was cool and Bert Stern did an amazing job capturing the essence of Norma Jean. The images were beautiful, breathtaking, and you realize she is incapable of taking a bad photo which is probably why she is still such a lovable and powerful icon today. I just wasn’t crazy about how they bedazzled the already amazing images with glitter and little rhinestones. It completely depleted the value of the images for me but that’s just my opinion. Even the photoshopped backdrops reminded us of those glitter graphics you would see in your comment box on myspace. It isn’t something I would want to spend $80,000 on but that’s just me. However, Bert’s images of Norma Jean minus the fluff were priceless. She was brilliant and her life story was captivating. You can really tell how comfortable she was with Bert because he captured such a fun and sexy side of her personality. After the event we went off to go have dinner at this Sushi spot in Chelsea where we shared laughs, drank mojitos, and enjoyed the yummy food. If you missed the Marilyn Exhibition, check out some photos inside!

These were my fav!I love these negatives!
My girl Nubia!
Love these giant images of Marilyn. They are so classic!I had a meeting earlier that day so I was in a professional but chic outfit. I love wearing baggy jeans or trousers with heels.
Noobs and I!Seriously one of the coolest girls I know. We both love comics and video games haha!Look at her shoes!This dude was too cool for school.Carlos and Derek! Best friends since they were kids!Love Nubia’s back pack!Sushi!Talking about art and music lolGood times!


19 Comments on “Marilyn Monroe Reinvented at Milk Studios

  1. I know the artists and they are not grade school material.. OMG, They worked with real Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls. Some of them took weeks to make. Your photo jpegs do not even show the justice of the magnificence of the Marilyn images. And some of the images of Marilyn have never been printed nor sold. Very rare indeed. Imagine, working on a 40 x 60 canvas or heavy matte art color paper, with permanent glue and very valuable gems and crystals and NOT MAKE A MISTAKE??? That is not grade school to me? And yes they sell for a lot of money.. Not one will ever be made the same EVER. THEY ARE PIECES OF ART!!! One day will be worth a fortune!!

    • Thank you for your input Cleo but I never said they were “grade school”. I also am entitled to my own opinion and I respect yours. Everyone is different and has their own perspectives on art. I do not doubt that these artists are talented, especially if MILK favors them, I just wasn’t too crazy about it. xo

      • You are right the photo looks natural simply and real anyone can reproduce a rosé as if touching it. There will be roses not marilyn.

      • Hi, I just want to make a point, that Bert Stern, One of the Last Most Famous Photographers of the 20th century. He would only allow Artists, his assistants, to work on his images. He only wanted the cyrstals, the gems, the real silver, the real platinum ROSES, to enhance a New Modern look of Marilyn Monroe and not to TAKE AWAY the essence of her. Bert supervised all of the images. We have been working with the real swarovski gems, crystals and diamonds all over the world in the last 2 years only. Yes, Milk Studios was very happy to host this show, and was the biggest turnout ever.. We are now taking the show to LA, Paris, and Canada.. But these Pieces of Art, will not be coming.
        BTW, The pink bag pack, the gym shoes, or the look with the heavy makeup? That was a bit too grade school, you need a stylist.

      • Hi, you are the next Pin up Betty? You did not meet Bert? I was the tall brunette Gold girl retrp dress. I am his personal assistant. then I have my twin sister all dressed in silver metal.. We are the Artists..And you? You are beautiful, and now we will maybe meet?..You have a big future.. xxoo

    • lol ok, I guess I wasn’t entitled to my own opinion according to you since you are so butt-hurt about what I said about the art (which wasn’t implying that the artists were talentless or trying to take the essence away from Bert Sterns work). And I am yawning at your Insults of our outfits too, takes a tasteless & insecure person to be so offended by a simple opinion so much. Sounds like you are more grade school than us. Good luck with that. XO

      • Congratulations using your website about Marilyn Monroe, thank you. I’m sorry. I totally was butt-hurt. OKay, you go girl.. As for your outfits? awesome. I’m broke so what can I buy for 20 dollars? Btw the Rhinestones were from michaels!! Don’t tell anyone we are riding off of the Marilyn Monroe hype right now, she’s all the rage. Bedazzling her photos was brilliant. I am sorry I was so hard on you, I am just clearly insecure..I hate when people insult bedazzling. It’s art right? I am hoping it will buy me a fake Louis Vuitton bag. I am all about Canal Street!

        [this message was edited by V.V to completely make a mockery out of miss cleo’s original comment. Back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂 ]

      • Cleo clearly is either the artist Googling his/herself and found your coverage and was offended and or someone who has something invested to the point of retaliation and was offended. Clearly taking someone’s honest opinion too emotionally. Vinny, you really shouldn’t waste your time on this type of petty insecure outcries, although I commend you for being truthful and professional. I tip my hat to you and that’s why I love you:) You rock!

        As for Cleo, I have nothing invested what so ever in the images from this post but I can tell you this, that shit looks like bedazzle, I don’t care if you melted down Picasso paintings and made paint, or took the feathers off the last living Kiwi and made another kind of paint, if you made art with it that looked like it was done in a Crayon people are STILL going to say “that shit looks like it was done with a crayon” It’s not a personal attack to you ( or maybe it is) but you can;t go around the internet attacking everyone opinion about something. That is pretty silly and only lines yourself up in the sights of witty ass people like myself to sit and poke fun at your delicate emotions.

        I suggest next time you decide to interact with an audience attempting to deliver a better message, you stick to only facts. Because if you actually did care about what people thought, your approach to things should be reevaluated. You can start by not shooting off emo amo at innocent people who came out to support their/your event. No matter what kind of broken Mc Donald’s Happy Meal Cup Glasses you glue onto classical photography, you will have a hell of a hard time finding a supporting audience if people found out you single out innocent people from your shows and take personal attacks on the way they decide to dress. You’re only hurting yourself and or the company you represent in the end.

        This might not be grade school, but you just got a can of ass woopin’ after class got out.

  2. They told u off Miss Cleo!!..Lol!! @Vinny, You keep doing that wonderful work u do..By the way, I love the way you dress..You rock in anything you wear!! You go girl!!

  3. I would rather have a Grafitti painting on my wall than a Picasso….does that mean that I have no class? Not everyone sees what the other sees in Art and no one should be judged by their opinion. I agreed with Jasmin’s opinion even before Cleo’s comment was made. I definately did not like all the add-ons on the pictures.

  4. This poor Cleo is a mess, got her panties all bunched up trying to throw around expensive brand names and all this silly expensive named shit to try to come off important. I hate to break it to you all, and I’m sure everyone here loves their fashion, but it’s who you are inside that makes you what you are, not what you wear on the outside, or how much it costs. This lady Cleo here is trying to hide her ugly personality behind expensive name brand b.s and Diamond knock offs. It reminds me of these insecure wimps buying Pit bulls to make everyone think they’re tough guys. At the end of the day one can only feel bad for this Cleo person for letting her true persona show, a sad one at that, to be put on front street so everyone can see. Nobody is perfect, but knowing this and knowing you have this obvious flaw, you certainly shouldn’t be going around showing it to everyone, just shut up and be humble. You just made yourself look stupid, no matter what name brands you try to hide under.

    And for the record, real artists don’t go around yelling ” I’m an artist! what are you?”

    -they just are.

    Yours Truly,
    Mr. EwokOne

  5. It doesn’t matter what materials were used, the end result is that it looks cheap. That’s my honest opinion and I’m entitled to it. I have a glittered Marilyn Monroe notebook that someone bought me from TJ Maxx and these pieces call that to mind. Art is subjective and brilliance to one person is tackiness to another. Cleo needs to realize that. If she is truly happy with her work, then it doesn’t matter what any of us say anyway. Coming here and berating people who don’t agree with her is not going to garner more bedazzled Marilyn fans.

  6. Norma Jean is a timeless beauty. Her pictures are always dazzling. You can see how happy she was in these. Effortlessly sexy! I love her so much! Thanks for sharing these VV. I liked some of the bedazzling but the rest, not for me much as I love shiny things. Wish I could have been there. As for Bert Stern, epic photography!

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