Good as gold.

It’s not everyday when you finish work early and get to enjoy the beautiful weather outside in the midst of the Fall. I wanted to utilize the rest of my day but stay local as I was kind of tired so I linked up with my best friend who lives near by and we roamed around my neighborhood with my little man Rex. It was a super casual day, nothing too crazy as far as fashion goes but I made sure to wear some regal key statement pieces that spoke louder than my exhaustion. When I lack the energy to be glamorous, I go for the “boyfriend look”. I was comfortable and chic in my Ann Taylor blazer, silk vintage blouse, cuffed American Apparel jeans, and my spectators but it was my Angela and Roi Purse that served as my inspiration. It’s crazy how a purse can inspire an entire outfit but this was no ordinary purse. I am absolutely obsessed with it along with the rest of the bags on their site. It has all of my favorite ingredients; bold black and white stripes, gold chain links, leather contrasts, and could be worn as a clutch or a purse. Ironically, my silk blouse was also full of my favorite ingredients so they both made quite a pair. To finish my look I threw on my new Bulova watch and my gold stilleto necklace. It was the perfect casual but regal outfit for discovering a beautiful art deco courthouse. It’s allll in the details :).

Sponsored by Angela & Roi & Bulova


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