My Little Pony Project 2012 NY

I was ecstatic when my girl Indie sent me the invite to the My Little Pony Project 12 by Sweet Streets LA at the Eventi Hotel. I was not ecstatic when I realized I had to work for most of the time and would be missing the opening reception party but I still made it on the very last day…at the very last hour lol. These events are usually in LA so I wasn’t going to miss this, not even on my day off when I should have kept my ass home resting. I was a HUGE fan of My Little Pony growing up. It was literally my favorite cartoon on the Disney channel along with Care Bears. I still have my childhood My Little Ponies till this very day and refuse to give them away. I am not much of a fan of the new generation of my little pony so I was glad to see giant original My Little Ponies at the event adorned with the artwork of some of my favorite artists. I wanted to take them all home. I have been dying to get my hands on one of these giant MLP’s to design myself. I was amazed by the creativity these artists put into these ponies but some of them fell short of amazing. Some of my favorites included Indie 184, Cope 2, Junie Moon, Edward Fong, Lisa Alisa, Luke Chueh, and Rob Reger. My guilty pleasure celebrity blogger Perez Hilton created a pony for the event too but I am sad to say his pony along with Eimi was just bleh lol. Overall, I was impressed by all of the artists and was so delighted when the sweet staff of the event gave me some cute little MLP toys to take home with me. If you didn’t make it to the event, don’t fret, I took tons of pictures of these dazzling MLP beauties along with their fun details inside.

The Cope2 MLP was definitely one of my favorites. It really is unique to his style of art/graffiti.It is all in the details!Jillian Kate MLP Zebra Unicorn!
Look at her shoes!Shojono Tomo’s hyper neon pony!Full of girly goodness!I need a hat like that!MLP swag!HanazukiYou can tell Hanazuki put a lot of work into this pony because he had to modpodge fabric of his own work. It reminds me of angry birds a little with the eyes he created. Looks like an angry pony lol!
Junie Moon’s glamorous MLP! This was definitely one of my favorites from the show and I think it is self-explanatory.I love how Junie Moon created an amazing Victorian get-up for this pony. It was perfect; the color of the pony, the makeup details, the lace, the glittery crystal eyes, and that gorgeous white hair.
Hime + You ballerina MLP!Lamour Supreme zombie zebra MLP!Madoka Kinoshita’s floral MLP! How sassy is she!?Dabs Myla gingham MLP!64 Colors skinless MLP!This pony was definitely a work of art. 64 Colors painted flesh with little characters seeping out of the skin. Kinda creepy but cool at the same time.
Eimi’s pony didn’t do it for me. Looks like a lack of effort.But Edward Fong blew me away with this black on black Pegasus MLP. I love the harness, the face mask, and the silver horse shoes.Amazing.Lisa Alisa’s MLP was an oriental success. The flowers give it a soft look and the bold painted designs of coy fish and the white tiger give it a wonderful contrast.I even love the cute little charm in the hair.So many beautiful colors!Julie West paisley MLP was a clean and mean work of art! I love the colors!
The Luke Chueh Dom-MLP was awesome. I love the saddle, the face mask, the colors, and the whip on the other side. I like fun with a little edge.This pony was branded :).Chikuwaemil’s MLP reminded me of one of my childhood favorites Lisa Frank!Suckadelic took it to a whole other level with this MLP. This one lost it’s head and MLP astronauts were there to discover it!So cool!
I hate to be this brutally honest but…Perez Hilton’s pony was…..well…terrible. This MLP should not have been at the show, period. This is not art.My girl Indie184’s pony was awesome and I didn’t expect any less from her as a veteran of creating amazing giant MLP’s in the past. I am glad I got to see this one in person. So cute, I wanted to smuggle it home!Martin Hsu kept it soft and simple with this pony.So pretty!Bei Badgirl kept the pink MLP tradition alive with this beauty! I love the hair!So adorbs!Rob Reger did a great job with details on this MLP.

I love the little characters integrated into this tribal hand-painted print.I spy Emily the Strange on the other side of Robs MLP!Free gift courtesy of MLP! Even though it’s not the original MLP, these are still adorable!

Good times! I can’t wait for the next NY show!


5 Comments on “My Little Pony Project 2012 NY

  1. I had an MLP, an Orange one, I think it was called Apple Bum or something? Im way too old to remember now haha! But I LOVE most of these! SO creative!

  2. Love the creativity, definately, made me remember when you were a little girl.

  3. It’s so fun to see how different each piece comes out even though they are all using the same basic figure. I do agree though, Perez’s looked really horrible 😦

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