Comicon 2012!

I have had my hands full with work within the past few weeks, so I almost didn’t even make it to Comicon this year. Low and behold, I still found a way and attended this massive event with my beau. I only spent a little over 2 hours there before I was off to work but I had such a blast. I’ve been a gamer and comic collector since I was a kid and it has yet to rub off. I wish I could have dressed up but I didn’t have time to commit to a costume so I went in a very cool Warhol inspired Marilyn Monroe get-up by Betsey Johnson. I couldn’t even concentrate while I was there, enamored by all of the booths full of my favorite video game and comic book characters. This convention gets bigger and bigger every year so the only thing I really had an issue with was how PACKED it was to the point that it was hard to even walk at times. I still managed to get around and found lots of great goodies I got to take home with me. I found an awesome vintage comic from the 50’s, 3 big giant authentic vintage posters, and an autographed pinup calendar page. I took endless photos of my favorite comic girls like Vampirella, Wonder Woman, Veronica from Archie Comics, and more. I was sad I didn’t get to see any Fathom, Soul Fire, or Witchblade booths but I can see them next year. Here are some photos of everything that caught my attention at this amazing convention.

Here is what I wore to Comicon. Very comical isn’t it?This isn’t a full suit, it is actually 2 pieces. A top and leggings. I also have the sweater and cardigan to this collection.
My boots are by Jeffrey Campbell.My cat eye glasses are by Polaroid! (post coming soon)Archie!LOVE.How cute are these glass cups!A professional makeup artist working his magic!GOD OF WAR!Can I hire him to be my bodyguard?LEGO!Lego SKILLS.I spy FINN!Because I aspire to be Wonder Woman.The MADropolitan Museum of Art.MAD!Fun stuffs.Cute stuffs!VAMPIRELLA was everywhere!Loved these calendar girls so my beau bought me one and had it signed!!!<3She’s my favorite!!BOOM.Love these comic strips!lmao!Can I have them all?I wanted the 5th poster to the right and coincidentally the guy next to me had a tattoo of the same comic!Crazy!Found this comic at a vintage comics booth and HAD to have it.I spy Vampirella again!Olivia’s Bettie!KISS x VAMPIRELLA!
The MAN, Frank Frazetta!lol o dear.Winning.I wanted this Bond poster but it was $700!Loved her!I ended up with 3 giant posters from this booth! This one with the oh-so-beautiful Sarita Montiel..This one with my one of my ELITE idols, Debra Paget…And this one with Ginger Rodgers channeling Jean Harlow!


I can’t wait for Comicon next year!

9 Comments on “Comicon 2012!

  1. Wow! It just looks like its a fun house. And the gems you found…LOVE THEM! The Sarita piece, the vintage comics, and that comic with the robot and the girl! I die!

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