Camo season.

It is CAMO season people! I was especially excited to bust out mine the other day because it is one of the few reasons why I can deal with this cold weather we are about to get hit with. I absolutely love camo prints, fur, leather, and being able to wear cool scarves and hats this time around. I always say I want to live on a tropical island but when I really think about it, I’d miss being able to wear of all my Fall & Winter things. Anyway, on this day I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood and visited some thrift shops before I was off to meet up with my best bud Santiago. My best friend and I love to go on random adventures to beautiful and historic places in or around the city. We always have a great time just wondering around discovering places we didn’t even know existed. I didn’t know there were so many beautiful places to go here in the Bronx until my bestie and historian showed me around. On this day we went to visit a waterfall I used to go to when I was a teen followed by a cool chill dinner at a great sushi spot we found while driving around. This is a small post because I didn’t have my camera with me but you can see more details of my outfit and my day via my iphone inside.Thrift heaven. Sometimes I go to thrift stores and leave with nothing at all. I feel like it recharges my mental batteries whether I find something or not..Here are some cool things I saw there.Cute vintage suitcase!Vintage Cat lover outfit. So cool despite how frumpy it looks on the hanger!I should have gotten it for my shop right?This is the only thing I left with, just $3!Look at this cool skirt!Beautiful Bronx waterfall.
Nature recharges my best friend Santiago’s batteries. Mine too. I loved it here.It was the perfect area for an outfit post but I left my camera home, womp womp. These pics are ok though. My camo is vintage, my pants are Zara, my shoes are Steve Madden, and my glasses are vintage.This is one of my favorite vintage cat-eye glasses.My gold jewelry are all gifts I have acquired from my family throughout my 25 years of life. My pinky rings are from when I was a toddler. My necklace is from my dad and my skinny gold ring is from my aunt. It’s nice to think of them when I wear these pieces.I found these shoes in Vegas a while back and have been hooked to them ever since. I love that burnt orange neon color. they are so comfortable too.

Oh man this sushi spot was soooo good. I am drooling just looking at these photos!Derek’s plate.
My plate. I am obsessed with shrimp tempura rolls!

Good times!


6 Comments on “Camo season.

  1. what a cute outfit!! i love thrift shopping…even though my town is kind of lacking on the thrifting front. I usually find good vintage housewares though

  2. Thrift stores ❤ We have quite a few of them where I live (it takes a long time to find them though!) and I simply looove just looking through everything and imagining what they would look like on different people with different outfits…
    xoxo Alex

  3. OH MY GOD JASMIN!!! What’s the name of this thrift heaven and where is it located? That wall of shoes alone made me scream out in joy. YAY! I also LOVE what you got going on my fellow Vintage Vixen 🙂

  4. I have that exact little Going to Grandma’s suitcase from when I was a kid! It’s actually sitting in my garage right now lol

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