Style before sunset.

New York is getting colder and the sun is setting faster and all we can really do is salvage the last of this great weather we have been having. Two days ago it was 80 degrees and my friend Ingrid and I didn’t want to waste it so we went for a walk around the city looking and feeling colorful as ever. I was waiting for a day like this to wear my new favorite How Very Dare crop top and skirt. I absolutely love the Romance in the Air print and the assortment of my favorite colors, teal, orange, and infrared. I was a little wild card walking around the city in my leucite infrared stripper pumps, my leather jacket, and my vintage costume jewelry. I always have to add a touch of vintage to my outfits and Ingrid did the same in her AMAZING vintage Playboy shades. She looked gorgeous in a vintage plaid top, a jean pencil skirt, and her vintage belt and gold jewerly. I also love how she sported some very Carmen Miranda green wedges. We both were a colorful pair and had such a great time visiting shops followed by lunch at one of our favorite spots, Cafe Habana. Check out more photos and details of our outfits inside.

I cant wait to get my hands on more pieces from HVD. Their collection is immaculate.My jacket is by Super Trash.I am also wearing Scarlet Ibis from the MAC cosmetics Marilyn Monroe collection in these photos. That neon orange was so appropriate ;).Some stripper shoes are fashionable and slip under the radar. These are great and they have inner cushions so they are super comfy.
Ingrid looked STUNNING in this vintage get-up.WERK!Door knockers, Casio watch, vintage shades…Perfection.Sass and class.Love her green wedges.

Good times!

6 Comments on “Style before sunset.

  1. fierce<3 that how very dare brand has some fun prints.
    nothing like a walk to embrace the season changes –though her ein SF is pretty much the same all year –except around this time our summer kinda wants to make an appearance– and to walk with a friend, often helps clear the mind.
    Ingrid's blouse is awesome, super love her wedges

  2. I like what you did with your makeup, with the blue in the eyes and the red-orange lips matching the colours in the dress. it’s all in the details 🙂

  3. i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your stle so different and ur body is awesome…feautured some of ur pics on my blog.:)

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