NBA2k13 Party at 40/40

The other night my beau invited me out to the 40/40 club for an NBA2k13 hosted by Jay Z. I was excited to come and show my support especially since my beau designed the exclusive basketball of the game. I have never been to the 40/40 club and I am not sure if they do this all the time but the hors d’oeuvres were delicious. I don’t drink so when I saw food, I immediately became a happy camper. These were no ordinary small hors d’oeuvres either, we enjoyed a whole meal lol. There were also a bunch of Xboxes throughout the club too where people enjoyed playing the new NBA game. I mean, I was in heaven as I am a gamer too but I am not really into sports lol. I was also very delighted to meet a few of my gorgeous readers at the event as well, it is always so sweet and humbling to have people tell you they love your blog. That was definitely the highlight of my night. We also got to see Jay Z and I could have sworn he was taller but overall he seemed like a really humble dude. There were more celebrities there but I was more focused on the mini-cheese burgers lol (they were so good!). Good food plus video games plus good music and good company equals a great time. I wish I could give you a more detailed post on my time at this event with my beau so there aren’t just pictures of myself but there are some things I like to keep to myself <3. Come on, I can’t give it all away! 😉

I wanted to be simple and chic in a little black dress. This one is by Stop Staring.
My stockings are by Agent Provocateur and my satchel is by Betsey Johnson. I wish I knew who made my shoes as they say “Made in Italy” but that is still a mystery.
Before the madness. 40/40 had such a pretty bar!
Full house. Thank gawd we were upstairs. I hate being in overly crowded spaces lol.I felt like Jessica Rabbit lol
Jay Z portrait by Billi Kid. I love that NBA2k13 has so much art and artists incorporated with the whole movement.Good times!


8 Comments on “NBA2k13 Party at 40/40

  1. I have shoes that look very similar to those except burgundy. They’re by French connection

  2. Love that dress. I got to go to 40/40 last May for some boxing match, but it was nice inside and the food they had was delicious. Fun times, but it like Vegas…anything that happens at 40/40 stays at 40/40!


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