MAC Marilyn Monroe collection launch party!

My friend Priscilla invited me to the MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe launch party last Tuesday and I got so excited, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. So I put on a Marilyn Monroe inspired outfit and invited my friend Nubia to see what all the fuss and anticipation was about. It was a really cool event packed with glamazons who were checking off things they wanted from the collection but I have to be honest, my friends and I weren’t really impressed with the packaging. There are thousands of beautiful images of Marilyn Monroe and these were just…boring. The packaging just looked cheap, period. So I based my opinion on the colors and coveted 2 lipsticks and an eye shadow. Despite being under-stimulated by the packaging, I have to say…the Scarlet Ibis and Deeply Adorned lip colors are phenomenal. Deeply Adorned is a deep shade of red and Scarlet Ibis is a fun orange. I also love the Showgirl eye shadow, it is the perfect smokey eye gun metal color that really shines. I have already worn Deeply Adorned almost every day this week and wish I would have gotten another one. Priscilla coveted the entire collection so I am waiting to hear her reviews and Nubia loves her Deeply Adorned lipstick and I am sure it looks awesome with that infrared hair of hers. We had a great time and the staff at Mac were really sweet. After makeup shopping we all got hungry and enjoyed an awesome dinner at one of my favorite cuban spots, Coppelia.Here is what I wore to the Marilyn Monroe Mac party. Can you believe I am in flats?! I am wearing the Bettie Page Clothing “sea breeze” dress with my retro-a-go-go Chevrolet necklace and vintage accessories.My sweater has an oh-so-appropriate Marilyn Monroe design on the back created by Betsey Johnson of course. Diamonds are a girls best friend!

On to the event!
Bleh, these images are…bleh
MAC had a model look-alike of Marilyn which I thought was super cute.
See the packaging? looks like they just pasted stickers on empty cases :/Priscilla looked fierce in her Betsey Johnson Marilyn printed dress! Such a beauty!Nubia was fiery with that infrared hair and glittery oxfords! Love that her lips matched her shoes! So gorg!
Full house!We have made our picks!Waiting for my order 🙂Wam Bam thank you mam!And we were off to go eat!Before I end this post I have to show you all Nubia’s shoes! So cute!
I’m happy with my purchase:).

What are your thoughts on the collection?

10 Comments on “MAC Marilyn Monroe collection launch party!

  1. i agree i thought they were odd shitty pics of Marilyn when i first saw them. of all the pics of her they chose these?? very strange but i guess in the end its about the product.

  2. That Bettie Page dress is SO cute on you!

    I thought the collection was ok. I wasn’t in love with the packaging either, I wish it was less cluttered, and more “classy” looking, for lack of a better word. The Hey Sailor collection at least had different colored packaging. They were out of the lipsticks I wanted by the time I got to my store’s launch party, and tried to sell me on MAC Red as a replacement for Charmed I’m Sure. The woman at the counter was not someone I recognized from my store’s regular staff, and I had to explain to her I was currently wearing that shade and had a spare at home. This ain’t my first rodeo, ya know? So, I only got the white eye kohl, but I am loving it.

    The funniest thing about that whole night was all the staff was there that I know and they are amazing, but that woman at the register who I have never seen, told me to stop taking pictures (for my blog), that it was “store policy”. Granted, I didn’t ask in advance to take photos (my bad), but I did ask at the door before I took my camera out of my purse, and me and my friend had taken photos the whole time leading up to paying for our goodies. I think it’s so funny that in markets like mine outside of NY, LA, etc, that stores still haven’t gotten on the bandwagon of letting bloggers give them “free publicity”. I feel like I have a good relationship with the staff at that store, and everyone knows I am a MAC fan, and not doing “retail espionage” or something silly. I used all my photos and wrote my post, but I feel like MAC should give that woman a talking to.

  3. I definitely agree about the MM pics….very underwhelming to represent the collection.

    But, OMG, I LOVE Nubia’s hair color! It’s like a Red-pink. Do you happen to know what brand/color she uses? I’d so appreciate the info. It’s gorgeous!


  4. I tried to buy some of the products online last night but alas…they were sold out. Loving the outfit.

    Miss Blaise

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