Old English Charm.

So I took a few days off from blogging. Most of you who follow me know that I post every 2 days or so and try to keep a consistent flow of content going on my blog. I am always coming up with new and fun stuff to share with you all but came to a halt just the other day when, for the first time in a long time, I started to question whether my 5+ years of effort into this blog was really getting the recognition it deserved. I started questioning was it worth continuing if the blog world is rapidly changing into some retarded commercial popularity contest of privileged snobs who only wear labels? It seems the only time rockabilly style is trending is when Prada comes out with a collection inspired by the 50’s. Though I love Prada, and I loved that SS12 collection, it is sad that something has to become a trend to be “cool”. Well, obviously that isn’t going to stop me from dressing this way, I just think the whole thing is pretty ironic which is what everyone is trying to be these days.

Anyway, I’ve got my mojo back and my head on straight and my discouragement was just an addition to the past few months that have been, contrary to popular belief, very difficult. Sometimes you have to step away from all of this social media stuff and just live life as if it never existed. I wasn’t away for too long but it was nice just taking time to myself to regroup, recharge, and come back to blogging with a better state of mind. I do have pride so it has been hard to say that it hasn’t been all cookies and cream for me (great now I want sweets) this year but I am still grateful for all of the good things, because there were and still many good things ahead. I just have to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize because that is how I stay inspired and motivated.

So what do you do when mainstream fashion and culture under-stimulates you? You find inspiration elsewhere.

I have been checking out lots of WWD street style posts on tumblr of Milan Fashion week and maybe it’s just me but..it seems that fashion over seas is less contrived. After attending a few shows this NYFW, it just seems people were over-dressing to get their picture taken. It just didn’t seem authentic especially after seeing a guy dressed as a yellow M&M and decorated as an angry bird. Yet, I was on Buzzfeed in their freak or chic post in which I replied “I am both, thank you :)” because in the end, at least what I wore was authentic to who I am. I just think it is important to be authentic, to really be yourself. I know we hear it all the time but it doesn’t mean just doing what you want, it’s having an unbiased unpretentious opinion (just like this post is of my own opinion). I think most people are afraid that there style or personality might offend those who have a certain standard but there is nothing offensive about being you, if anything you are more respected.

Anyway. Inspired by the beautiful Victorian era of France, the bold plaid of the British, and the charm of Milan in the 1950’s..I wore a charming little outfit for a morning of shooting followed by a walk in the park. The weather is perfect at the cusp of Summer and Fall for wool, cashmere, and Autumn hues and I was ready to embrace it all.

The charming Joyce Kilmer Park in the Bronx. Closed minds don’t know how beautiful this place is in the Summer. I can’t wait to see it covered in snow for the Winter.My entire outfit was thrifted with the exception of my satchel and shoes. You can clearly see my influences lol.
My satchel is by Betsey Johnson.My shoes are by Dolce and Gabbana.My skirt was thrifted at a Salvation Army in Queens and my top is Banana Republic which was also thrifted at the SA.My earrings carry the beautiful memories of my time spent at Billy’s Antiques.All of my accessories here are from Billy’s too except for my vintage glasses.Voila, I’m back ❤ 😉

P.S Thank you to all of you who wrote me and commented on my last post. Your support and your love means the world to me. How could I ever lose inspiration when I have you? Thank you.


27 Comments on “Old English Charm.

  1. Please keep sharing who you are, because people like you inspire me every day and make me keep blogging about vintage and thrifted style even if I’m not “as trendy as most of fashion bloggers are”. People like you inspire me to be myself and to share who I am, for real. Thanks a lot. Hugs, TLC

  2. I totally agree with you. I am an up and coming blogger and I notice the same thing. I believe that your true self will get you where you are meant to be. You rock! dont ever change!

    Thanks for sharing, cute outfit.

  3. Welcome Back. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in, your a fighter so don’t ever give up.

  4. I could not agree more. I feel like your blog will only get recognition if you’re wearing a certain J.Crew sweater and carrying a Celine bag. Stick with being who you are, it’s awesome and beautiful and it makes your blog all the more worth reading!

  5. you took the words right out of my mouth girl…
    “I started questioning was it worth continuing if the blog world is rapidly changing into some retarded commercial popularity contest of privileged snobs who only wear labels?”
    keep doing you, keep being the brightest crayon in the box mama. be thankful you are not the above in quotations, you have a style all your own and you bring a smile into the world everyday all day with your style… own that, love it… don’t let the “other bloggers” ever get you down or take away from that.


  6. I love your style and please keep blogging. I love, love, love your outfit.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  7. Like someone above said .KEEP BEING YOU and do not worried about those privileged snobs who takes pictures of clothes just to be taking them. You eat, sleep, and breathe rockabilly and vintage styles. You give your readers history and have inspiration behind your styles which others do not.

    So keep the posts coming

  8. Glad you are back and hopefully permanently. I love that you have a great niche, I wish I could wear what you wear and rock it like you do. Please dont ever change and dont let peer pressure change you.
    By the way I love love love that skirt, it just so happens to be my favorite plaid. You look gorgeous in red.


  9. It really has become tough when everything is about who gets the most pageviews/ comments/ fame, but then I see posts like this with beautiful girls and original style, and it makes me happy again!


  10. I’ve only been blogging for a year but I quickly realise that I shouldn’t feel pressured by the blogosphere to buy labels! I started wearing vintage just before I started the blog so it was only appropriate that now I write about my journey to become more vintage.

    And you, please keep wearing the things you wear. Please keep being so 50s fabulous because you are such an inspiration and gosh I can only dream that one day I will look half as amazing! Love your whole look and love your writing – so don’t ever stop!

  11. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Love your style and how you mix it up. The rockabilly world needs your blog!

  12. I love your blog because you are true to yourself. I admire the way you’re blog is well thought out and not just a picture diary of you in the latest Celine or Alexander Wang. I love this outfit, it feels very old school Italy 🙂 Beautiful!

  13. Here’s a tip. If this is what you enjoy doing, and you have fun writing your blog and meeting people through your posts, then who gives a damn what anyone else thinks! Seems to me like you have a bunch of regular readers and well, I’m on the other side of the pond to you and I’m reading it, so it feels like you’re doing pretty well. The minute it becomes a chore or makes you unhappy then perhaps it might be time to re-assess, but certainly don’t quit on account of what anyone else might think of you or your blog.

    Personally, I find your blog to be a real inspiration. I love vintage with a passion, but I rarely have the time to shop or even think about putting things together the way you do. Chin up doll and just keep on keepin’ on.


  14. I don’t think you even know how many people you inspire (including me!). Keep on blogging because the unique, vintage loving people out here need you! 🙂

  15. I think you’re gorgeous and your style is amazing–even if it’s not popular in the mainstream, it’s classic and you always look incredible and like YOU. Who cares about NYFW? 😛

  16. I always admired and loved ur style. I love the fact that you can shop at a thrift store (like me) and show ppl that you don’t need labels to look amazing. Ur blog is very much appreciated and adored by many ❤

  17. I just found your blog via Rhinestones and Telephones. This outfit is so charming and eye catching, I love the red with your hair color. It really is about dressing true to yourself, who cares about the rest!

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