How Very Dare Presentation!

It was the last of my NYFW endeavors and all I wanted to do was run off to Alter in Brooklyn to support my Betsey girls new collection How Very Dare with my gal pal Inimac. I am OBSESSED with their collection, it’s been the talk of fashion magazines since the launch and I can’t wait to see HVD continue to flourish. It was a lowkey and relaxing event and after running around in heels all week, this was heaven. I just wanted to be casual and comfortable so this was the perfect evening to sport my new FAVORITE vintage Kennington Disney blouse from Circus Freak Vintage. I loved the movie Fantasia as a kid so when I saw this top at the CF shop, I just had to have it. It goes perfectly with my new vintage galaxy cat eye glasses and my cheapy thrifted oxfords. For a casual outfit, I have to say this was my favorite of fashion week. Ingrid also went comfortable and sweet in a shirt-dress, black belt, and H&M shoes. We had such a great time at the How Very Dare presentation party. I loved seeing the Betsey girls and the folks over at Alter were super sweet. I am dying over the HVD collection and need to get my hands on everything, now I know I can just head on over to Alter when I am ready. You guys should check out Alter too, they have a great selection of clothing and accessories. See photos inside.You guys HAVE to see How Very Dare’s lookbook!The new HVD collection graces the Alter windows. I love them ALL.

Here is a snippet below of the campaign.This wild horse print is amazing. The dark western feel has me hooked.Who doesn’t love old books?Romance novels. Can you agree this is amazing?Enough to start a forest fire.This is my dear friend Kate who is one of 3 masterminds (Ashley and Lizzie) behind the HVD brand. I adore them all and am so proud of their work!Ladies admiring the collection.Love this vintage book print 2pc HVD set!This is Saba, Ingrid and I were in awe of her amazing (vintage?) dress. She was so sweet!
We drink champagne when we’re thirstayyyy!
Inimac looking gorg as usual!Mac and cheese!We couldn’t help but take a photo opp in front of the burning forest HVD back drop. Check out my vintage Fantasia top from Circus Freak vintage! This is definitely a collector’s item and I am so happy I grabbed it! I love it with my vintage sunnies!I love how my top looks with my simple denim American Apparel skirt and vintage belt. I have never worn this many prints in one outfit but I love it!This is my tiny vintage suitcase I wear as a purse. Not sure how I got it to work with my outfit worked lol. Got this bad boy at a flea market for $1. yup.I found these at my local thrift store brand new. They are cheapy oxfords you can probably find at Bakers but I still love the hell out of them. I like the baby blue contrast to the black. They look good with my star socks I was recently gifted in a Lucky Fabb gift bag.Great minds think alike because most of you already know I have this dress, we both bought it at the same place and Ingrid looks gorg in it! I love how she wore it with her vintage shades, belt, and gold necklace.I also adore her H&M shoes! I actually used to have them but mine fell apart. Hers are in mint condition and look so good on her!I miss them!
The manager over at Alter snapped this photo of me and Inimac. I love it so much!I had to try on 2 of my favorite pieces from the collection!Voila! I love this silk top and matching leggings!Obsessed!Ash and Kate, 2 out of 3 beauties who created this amazing collection. I am so proud of them and so happy they had a great turn out at their presentation.

Good times!


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