Ann, Fara, & Acra.

It was a beautiful summer day in NY, yes, it is still summer people. I will preach it till it is really over because, well…I don’t want it to be over! Anyway, It was my friend Ingrids birthday and what better way to spend the day than to go to shows like Ann Yee at Cooper Square overlooking the entire skyline of the city? The Ann Yee presentation was breathtaking. Models were dressed eloquently in the best colors like flamingo pinks, teals, purples, and taupes. They sported tropical prints, python oxfords, yellow wedges, and abstract knitted frocks. The models looked sharp in their tribal silhouettes and the makeup was flawless. I also could tell that every garment was comfortable and I am a big fan of chic clothes that don’t need too much maintenance. I can definitely see myself wearing many of Anns pieces, especially her accessories. I think she did a great job with this collection and her presentation was a great start to Ingrids birthday. After that, we were off to Lincoln center to see Fara Angsana and my favorite Reem Acra. See photos inside.Ann YeeLOVE.My favorite look of the collection.Swoon!Love this collar!Ann Yee in one of her teal designs. Love it.The Birthday girl looking very Jackie O’!Ingrid looks fly in her vintage get-up.
WEPA!Love her snake-skin pumps!I was feeling under the weather so I went for comfort in this jumpsuit from… TARGET! Yup, Xileration and only $5 at goodwill. Did I also mention it is a size large? I am a size 2 and I made it work.This is one of those jumpsuits you can do a million things with. It has a long halter top you can flip and wrap in different ways.I somehow gave it a cool back design.After Ann Yee we were off to Lincoln Center for Fara Angsana and Reem Acra before I ended up feeling TOO under the weather and had to go home.The Fara Angsana show was ok. These were my favorites from the show, the rest just didn’t move me :/.
After Fara Angsana we had a break and ran into fellow blogazons, Nadia Aboulhosn and Monroe Steele who both looked chic as hell.Nadia Aboulhosn working that SKIRT.Monroe Steele working those SHOES!The Reem Acra show was amazing and these pics do the show no justice. It could have been the only show I attended NYFW and I would have been happy. This dress above was one of my favorites. A lot of the gowns reminded me of Marchesa but Reem Acra was in a league of their own. I loved it all.

Happy Birthday Inimac!


3 Comments on “Ann, Fara, & Acra.

  1. Looks like it was a great show and ‘BOY!” did you ladies look great. Ingrid looked beautiful and what a great way to spend her birthday. Love, love, loved her look. OH! You wore that outfit very well considering it was a large and you are a size 2.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Ini!

    The pictures of the first show were truly breathtaking. Thanks for preaching about summer–people rush into seasons too fast. I love fall, but I plan to enjoy the end of summer with gusto!!

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