The Brooklyn Blacksmith.

Saturday was crazy as per usual this fashion week and after a long morning of errands I finally got to unwind with my friend Queena in Brooklyn. It was a weird day, one minute it was sunny and the next it was raining cats and dogs. For fickle weather like this all you can do is wear black and Queena and I saw eye to eye on that. Queena shined in her steam-punk shades, leather shoes, metal and leather bag, and a fringe top. And my outfit was inspired by the old gangs of NY in a vintage fedora, black dress, leather heels, and sharp accessories ;). My sharp accessories included my Noir dagger rings and my vintage sword hat pin in true blacksmith style. My necklace is a skull from H&M circa-like-10-years-ago and I still love it.

Dressed in all black like the omen, we were off to Williamsburg to check out some thrift shops in the area before I was off to a birthday loft party in the area. However, we didn’t find much as it was a saturday and most of what was left was already picked through. That’s one of the reasons I try to thrift on weekdays. I am just glad we got to enjoy a nice lunch at the Meatball Shop, it has become one of my favorite places to eat in the city and in Brooklyn. It was a fun and relaxing evening spent with my friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better spontaneous day of smooth sailing.My dress, belt, and hat are vintage.
My necklace is H&M.
My satchel is by Betsey Johnson.My shoes are by Diesel.My dagger earrings are by Noir and my hat pin is vintage.Rings by Noir.Queenas fringe top was the talk of Brooklyn. The top goes so well with her shiny pleather shorts.Comfort chic at its baddest and by bad I mean hot.
I love her shoes!Queenas fun accessories. She makes it all work.XOXO

5 Comments on “The Brooklyn Blacksmith.

  1. I absolutely love that dress and aside from the skull(sorry I don’t do skulls) I love the way you styled it… look absolutely gorgeous!

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