FNO at Beauty & Essex

I was invited to Beauty & Essex for FNO with my friends Robin and Shavonne and boy was I glad to be invited to a place that was full of civilized socialites and not hooligans off of soho. FNO is getting worse every year with Soho being the hot-spot for the worst crowds. Stores closed early because for fear of thievery, someone got stabbed, and sadly these are people who don’t care for fashion or understand the meaning of FNO at all. It is sad that such a great and exciting day has turned into this. Anyway, thank god I can at least say I had a great time at Beauty and Essex, shockingly it was my first time there and I absolutely fell in love with the entire place and the decor of it all. The pawn shop was full of fun and quirky vintage and non-vintage pieces mixed and merchandized perfectly in showcases. I wanted to buy everything they had but my wallet didn’t agree. The girls and I stepped into the lounge and socialized over a few glasses of champagne while admiring the entire scenery of the place. The staff was friendly as well and made sure we were taken care of throughout the night. It was a great first experience for us and I can definitely see us returning in the near future for dinner or drinks. See photos inside.Loved this mirror!
My girl Robin and her friend Shavonne. Such beauties!
Guitar covered walls!Loved this record cover!I SPY CHANEL.Rad jewels.Blingie Smalls!Love this tomb.
The goods.Chanel and vintage vibrators. lolWERKing girls.LOVE.Woop Woop!
I keep telling Robin to move to NY so we can be besties lol. I adore her.Drenched in labeless vintage and my Evol Heist cleopatra necklace.I love chandeliers.

Say goodnite!


2 Comments on “FNO at Beauty & Essex

  1. Looks like a great place – don’t know how you resisted some of those goodies (Chanel?!) but I suppose if the wallet screams “No can do” then decision made. :/ *sigh*

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