LuckyFabb Fashion & Beauty Blog Conference 2012

I almost didn’t make it to any blog conferences this year do to the costly rates but with the push and motivation of my aunt who believes in my craft, I was able to attend LuckyFabb. Thanks to her, I was able to meet great bloggers who understand my life style the best, I got to explore and enjoy amazing goodies from MyDrobe, P&G Beauty, BCBG Generation, WRAPP, Just Fab, Caravelle, AG Jeans, Threadflip (my aunt won a necklace there!), and C&C California, and I was also able to broaden my knowledge on blogging thanks to many of the amazing panelists who were very informative. I enjoyed the humble and genuine advice of the panelists who weren’t just saying “Be yourself” but giving you the step by step process on how they made it and the hardships they encounter along the way. My favorite panelist was Rachel Zoe who was incredibly sweet, humble, down to earth, and spoke about all of the hats she wears. I found it interesting that she was actually a psychology major who ended up becoming a stylist. It just goes to show that we all have a purpose and sometimes it all just falls into place. Now she is a working mom who styles, designs, and is a tv personality of her own show. It is inspiring for someone like me who wears many hats and feels pressured to slim that list down. If she can do it all, I can too. I also enjoyed Erica Domesek’s (P.S I made this) point of view. Erica explained that she just followed her passion despite it going against the grain. I am a true believer in going against the grain and can admire someone like Erica who is now about to release her second book on DIY fashion. The Man Repeller was pretty funny and addressed the whole “Bloggers buying followers” Issue and I was glad she did as many bloggers just want a quick way into stardom and it doesn’t work like that. She explains it is important to build your following organically because a robot follower won’t give you the exposure or the great feedback a blogger needs. Anna Sui was another panelist that stood out to me. I was inspired by her story and how her friends believed in her work and helped her so much along the way. It is important that we create and build strong alliances with our friends to help each other grow. I haven’t met many people in this city I can really trust but I am hopeful and motivated to open my circle and start the process. I learned something from all of the panelists and was immediately inspired to make great changes to grow. LuckyFabb was an amazing experience and I am glad I spent it with my wonderful aunt Janet. Best ending to a wonderful conference? The HUGE goody bags! See more inside.
I went dressed to Luckyfabb in all vintage. I found this amazing jumpsuit just a few days ago at Beacons Closet for just $19 and wow was it a perfect fit and it matched my new red hair so perfectly! My shoes are vintage Miu Miu and I didn’t even know they were Miu Miu when I bought them because the logo is fading, I just bought them because they are reminiscent of the shoes women wore in the 50s! Crazy luck at $20!The Jumpsuit is backless! 😀I kept the color scheme going with my vintage accessories. These are little ringy things I have acquired over my years of thrifting.Here is a close-up of my Miu Miu shoes.
I had to force my aunt to take a photo! She obviously doesn’t know how gorgeous she is! Oh and that necklace is amazing and she won it at the Threadflip booth. Lucky!
So happy I ran into my girl Fresh Jess from Seatle! I wish she lived in NY!I also ran into Kaitlyn from Blog Trends! I was so happy I finally got to meet her. She has done such a great job creating a resource for bloggers to mix, mingle, learn, and conquer.Blogazons!3 levels of fun!Booths galore when it wasn’t so packed.My pretty auntie!Loved the BCBG booth! These bracelets were so damn cute and my aunt and I got to create our very own flip book!lolol So funny.Panelists!

Moderator Lauren Sherman, Leah Chernikoff, Annie Georgia, and Leandra Medine.Brandon Holly and Rachel ZoeDeb Schwartz, Susan Lyne, Lauren Bush, Aliza Licht, and Erica Domesek.
Jean Godfrey and Deb Schwartz talk about developing your voice in social media.Jean Godfrey and Lauren Conrad.
Simon Doonan and Anna Sui.

Great conference! I look forward to attending next year!

7 Comments on “LuckyFabb Fashion & Beauty Blog Conference 2012

  1. You wear a lot of backless clothes, if you do wear a bra ,what type do you wear , i’m a 36D and I never wear backless because I prefer to not go braless.

  2. Looks like an amazing event and you looked beautiful as always. Glad you got to spend quality time with your aunt Janet too.

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