Kate Spade RTW Spring 2013

Aside from collecing WWD mags, I can always count on Women’s Wear Daily via Tumblr to keep me up-to-date with current shows for New York Fashion Week. Just recently, the Kate Spade ready to wear Spring 2013 collection graced my dashboard and I rushed to the WWD photo gallery to see the rest of this wonderful collection. I have always admired Kate’s fun, timeless, and retro accessories but it is my sister who takes the cake as someone completely obsessed with everything Kate…and now, more than ever, I understand why. I nearly died when I saw Kate’s Spring collection and I love how it is loud, fun, and retro which is totally my style. It seems the 1950’s and 1960’s influence on fashion is still a popular inspiration for many designers for Spring 2013 but KS is a veteran of the timeless era and has been for decades. Her collection was full of retro goodness and featured floral prints, basket purses, ankle socks, sun dresses, and tweed suits in bold and pastel colors. The models also sported single victory rolls and ponytails. Everything that makes my pinup heart swoon. KS brand stylist Brad Goreski did a great job styling this collection because every outfit makes a statement. I can count on Kate Spade for keeping the era’s I love alive every season. Check out the collection shot by Giovanni Gianonni for WWD.

I love the basket weave print on this dress with the basket purse. How complimentary!I am a sucker for floral prints.and this dress pops with the help of these mustard colored pumps.This outfit is a work of art. Literally.I am very particular about my purses but I love this one!I love everything about this outfit and how the color scheme stays consistent until BOOM…those flamingo pink pumps. I love adding a wild card to my outfits. This one works. Can we also talk about these cute ankle socks?I am not much of a fan of the T-shirt but I love that cardigan. It is reminiscent of many of my vintage sweaters.
Love this entire look. This comic clutch needs to be mine..like..YESTERDAY.I am gagging over this look. Everything about it is perfect. I love the contrast of the hot pink tweed suit and the sea-foam green clutch. So retro, so pinup, so rockabilly, so amazing, that I need it.This outfit is a show stopping statement piece. Greatness.
This outfit screams ME. Sea foam green is one of my favorite colors and I am dying over this ensemble. I wish I had a close-up of the clutch, it looks like the design was inspired by an old portable radio. I want it all.I like this outfit but I think they could have ditched the hat and stockings. There’s too much going on.I love when you can mix pastels with neons. This outfit balances both so nicely. Oh and I NEED those shoes please.Pretty in pink. I love it but I’d put her in high heels. WERK.I love this dress and adore that apple basket purse!I like the simplicity of this outfit. The shapeless taupe coat over black and white stripes make for a nautical and classic Kate Spade look.

Which look is your favorite?!

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