Afro Punk 2012

I had never been to Afro Punk but I was invited this time around and decided to go as I have heard nothing but good things about it. First and foremost, I have to express how beautiful it was to see so much diversity coexisting peacefully. It was refreshing to see every one of all ethnicities happy, having a blast, dancing, rejoicing, and connecting over great music. There were no fights, no negativity, and it’s rare to come across an event this big with no altercations, just peace. I attended Afro Punk with my friend Queena and we had such a good time we didn’t want to leave. We watched bmx riders and skaters do tricks off half-pipes, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Genuine motorworks/Indian Larry motorcycles, enjoyed the amazing tunes of performances and the DJ, browsed the booths that were covered in beautiful colorful textiles, and ate great Caribbean food that left us wanting more. It was definitely a memorable event and I cannot wait to attend again next year. Here are the photos of our time spent there.I was probably the only person at the event that looked like Mary Poppins but I was ok with that. My whole outfit is vintage.Queen of the rodeo!
This is Queena, expect an overload of her on my blog. I love this girl.
Love how she accessorizes this day.WERK.Afro Punk!BMX-ers.
SkatersPerformancesPretty girls in pretty dresses.Motorcycles
Jack Seeger of Indian Larry motorcycles!
Jewelry booth
Found a cute lipstick ring at the “Not Just Vintage” booth!Thank god for Derek, he got us in without waiting on that long ass line. Such a cool dude.
Painters.Good Times!


6 Comments on “Afro Punk 2012

  1. love this dress, where did you get it? Super cute and the event looked pretty cool to check out. 🙂

    • Thank you! It isn’t a dress, it is actually two seperate vintage pieces. The top is from Salvation Army and the skirt is from a small thrift shop in BK.

  2. LOVE your outfit — as always, you look FANTASTIC!!! (Mary Poppins?!?)
    AFRO PUNK is awesome, so glad you got to go!
    i knew it was a-happening but could not go myself — ONE of these years i will make it out there! i am an ooooooollldd “punk” after all — must see what all my “children” are up to 🙂

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