Redhead rebellion at Le Bain

Twas an awesome sunday night in NYC and I was off to go see my girl Valissa Yoe for her birthday debauchery party at Le Bain via the Standard Hotel. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, that’s my girl. It was perfect timing for a party anyway as it was my first day as a brand new red-head and god was I dying to take it out for a spin! I attended her bash with my friends Ingrid, Josh, and Andrea and I couldn’t be happier, as I have been a hermit all summer and needed to get out and have some fun. We all arrived fashionably on time, Andrea looked like an Oscar in a gold maxi dress, Josh was sleek and chic in his white button down and jeans, Ingrid looked regal in a vintage Versace get-up, and I decided to ditch the pinup look for the night to look like a disco queen. Birthday girl & queen redhead Valissa looked gorg and radiant in an avant-garde spandex ensemble with two gal pals arm in arm that were just as vibrant in colored wigs. I also bumped into my favorite fellow Puerto Rican Omar Alexander who looked amazing as always in his leopard general cap. It was the perfect night and the weather was right. Everyone had fun, here are the pictures to prove it ;).The Birthday girl! Love you doll! So happy you enjoyed your birthday ❤
The amazing Luca and Omar 😛
Hotness!My golden girl Andrea!They called me Poison Ivy the whole night lol.
My talented friend and hairstylist Joshua Carrillo from Haute Air Salon in Soho.Wepa!My loves!Pool Parlaying.YESSSSSSS!Curves for days.Coco! ❤Far from basic! Inimac~!Dance Dance Dance!Ingrid and I, my ride or die.And I don’t even drink..LolSilkkkkkyyy!
<33333Beat after a long night.

Good times!

Happy birthday Valissa!


10 Comments on “Redhead rebellion at Le Bain

  1. You and Valissa have the sickest bodies on the planet. I can’t. Motivation!

  2. I am LOVING the red hair on you!!! You own this look, mama! I can’t express how much of an inspiration u are to me being that u are such a success and u represent curvaceous and Puerto Rican women like myself. Keep doin the damn thang!!


  3. I invite u to my bday bash on the 14th of sept club 28

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  4. Hi! I noticed the salon your stylist works at doesn’t do color or cuts, does he work outside of the salon as well? I’m looking for a new stylist & love what he’s done with your hair. Thank you!

  5. Wow! I wish I would’ve went to Valissa’s birthday now. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m a huge fan. I’ve worked with Valissa several times, she is the best! You both look so amazing in these photos!

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