VV x Santiago Collaboration!

And I am so excited! This is the next level of vintagevandalizm.com thanks to my collaboration with my best friend and amazing artist Santiago. I couldn’t think of a better collaboration, he knows me best and understands my vision. I gave him a photo I took from a car show I attended a few months ago, told him I needed a banner for my blog, something vintage with that touch of vandalism, and left the rest up to him. I couldn’t be happier with the turn out, I mean, a pink graffiti glazed Cadillac?! It is freaking nuts! He also created my backdrop since I was frustrated with the images I found on google and it works perfectly! Since my vision was inspired by pinups and hotrods I created menu tabs that go into flames, I think it adds a cool yet simple touch. The blog isn’t finished and I still have much more work to put into it but so far it is looking super good.

Can I also express how excited I am to hang this Santiago portrait on my wall?! I can’t thank him enough for understanding the vision I had for my blog and bringing it to life and new heights.

To those of you inquiring about prints-they are available at my shop- To buy a print click here!

Be sure to check out more of Santiago’s work by visiting his shop!


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