Crazy for Sabbies!

I have been getting situated at my new place all Summer and it has been so much fun to decorate it with all of my antiques and things. It has been a slow and steady process and it is finally coming all together. One thing I really needed to work on was my bed. I had bed sheets that were great and all but none that really matched the decor of my apartment. I wanted something rockabilly, something fun to really make my bed pop and I found exactly what I was looking for when I discovered Sabbie’s. Now, I have seen a bunch of pinup printed pillows on etsy that were really over priced and a little much for my tastes but Sabbie had a great selection of amazing and fun rockabilly inspired pillows that were reasonably priced and so good, I didn’t know how to choose. If you like classic horror films, pinups, the day of the dead, classic cars, psychobilly, cherries, leopard, and loteria cards you have to visit her shop. I fell in love with her tropical pinup pillows and figured since I am a bit of a tropical pinup myself, that I would go with that theme and boy was I happy when they arrived. These pillows were the perfect touch to my bedroom and really tied my decor together. All I had to do was work around them and since they are so bold, I went with simple brown sheets. I absolutely love them and though they are throw pillows, they are comfortable and huggable, I sleep on them all the time. For any of you pinups out there looking to spice up your decor, Sabbies is your girl. She also makes purses, hair accessories, ipod/ipad sleeves, and more. Get a closer look at Sabbie’s pillows and my bedroom decor inside.During my last pinup photo shoot, these pillows went well with my leopard Secrets in Lace ensemble. They make a great backdrop for shoots! This also gives you an idea of how big they actually are.
I love the tropical pinup print with the leopard. They are so me!The pillows are just leopard in the back and incredibly soft.The perfect touch!I am waiting on finding the perfect mid-century brasilia bed frame at the right price but for now this Ikea Malm will do. Simple, timeless, and classy. Just how I like it.XOXO!

6 Comments on “Crazy for Sabbies!

  1. very nice!! i love that picture above your bed!! I am in desperate need of some art of my walls but am having a hard tiem finding somthing appropriate for the (retro) decor

  2. Love the pillows they are so beautiful. You matched them well in your photos. Great job!

  3. Amazing pillows!!! I’m sure the rest of the house is just as neat 🙂

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