Lets give a warm welcome to CROON, a new brand of shoes that I am currently OBSESSED with. Croon brings in the essence of the rockin and rolling 1950s and 60s with these glittery pastel colored spectators and god I want them so bad! These dreamy Croons are enough to make any pinup swoon and I find it hard to even choose with so many of these wonderful colorways! Sadly they don’t have a running shop right now but you can special order them by following their tumblr or their facebook. They are $125 and from the looks of it, they are worth every penny!

9 Comments on “CROON LOVE!

  1. oh the cuteness…you & your blog are so fantastic, much love from the bomb, biggity bay area!!

  2. Jasmin, we met this evening on twitter. Your blog rocks to say the least. It\’s crisp, the photos amazing and the writing engaging. Such a pleasure to read! Really glad to have come across it this evening and look forward to connecting with you again soon. Great stuff …oh and I soooo love vintage!! Danyka xo

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