Secrets in Lace

Falling in love with the mid-century has changed my life entirely. The more I researched the 1940s to the 1960s, the more in love I became with the culture of our yester-years. It was the fashion that nearly roped me in and the effort these women put into looking glamorous 24/7. I think the key word here is “effort”. The hair, the makeup, and the wardrobe were always so perfect. I often wonder how their hair defied gravity with such volume and shine, how the simplicity of their makeup made them look porcelain, and how glamorous they looked in gowns, cocktail dresses, and more. These women didn’t just throw on a dress and leave, it was what a woman wore underneath that wiggle dress that was her best kept secret. The garters, the cuban heel stockings, the bullet bras, and the waist cinchers were all apart of a woman’s routine to look her best in that wiggle dress. It was in my nature to adore lingerie just as much as a 1950s cocktail dress because, I too, loved secrets. I plan to share one with you today about one of my new favorite lingerie lines “Secrets in Lace”. SIL is the closest any brand will ever be to traditional, functional, and comfortable undergarments & hosiery that satisfies our lust for lingerie. Of course I had to do a pinup shoot in their stuff!

My favorite SIL items would be their hosiery, hands down! For years I went searching for the perfect cuban heel thigh high stockings that matched my skin tone and it wasn’t much of a success until I discovered SIL. It is no surprise that they are the leaders in fine vintage stockings. They have 40 different traditional styles, come in tons of skin tones, and all of them are 100% nylon. These stockings have been a huge success since the shop first came about in 1984 and everyone is raving about them. Burlesque queens all over the world have showcased SIL on stage. Even Dita Von Teese has taken a liking to SIL and their stockings are all she wears. She now has her own collection with them, The Dita Von Teese Stocking collection, and I am obsessed with her diamond back seam stockings and have worn them so much, I don’t know how they don’t have runs in them! These diamond back stockings are a masterpiece and what I respect about SIL is that they are not offering you cheap low quality stockings that will rip and tear the minute you take it out of the packaging. It takes them hours to produce the intricate detail of this style of stocking. The Black welt has a fine Ivory Picot around the top, the black foot and diamond backseam contrast is made of 15 denier ultra sheer nylon so they are strong and comfortable.

SIL even has a Bettie Page hosiery collection. I nearly died when I saw the collection and found polka dot seam stockings. I just had to have those too. I have never come across polka dot stockings that also featured back seams. That is a double whammy any woman would appreciate. I can’t wait to wear them and I am sure they will end up in an outfit post soon.

The Bettie Page collection also features lingerie and I needed to own all of it stat! Now, I have a huge collection of bras, panties, garters, and etc. I have a dresser just for all of it. But I have never come across a bra so amazing as this leopard SIL bra from the Bettie Page collection. It is now my go-to bra for lift, fit, comfort, and sass. I hate bras that have excessive padding and this SIL bra doesn’t even need it to lift my little mountains high. I can’t even pin point how they managed to create the perfect bra but it seems to work for women of all sizes. I guess that’s their little secret. I love it so much I had to have it in 2 colors, leopard and Black. Of course I couldn’t just get the bra, I had to get the set and even their garter belts fit perfectly. How many times do we buy garter belts that don’t fasten to our stockings the right way? How frustrating is it when our garter straps slip and give us baggy stockings? Thank god for these SIL garter belts. They are made strong and hold your stockings in place so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them in some dark alley somewhere so no one sees you (scary!).

Secrets in Lace had one mission, to keep romance alive. I am a firm believer that lingerie is not only great for the bedroom but for your own self-confidence as well. You do not have to be in a relationship to be sexy, feel sexy, or wear sexy under garments. There is something so awesome about those days when you’re in just a t-shirt and sweats but still confident because people have no idea what secrets lie underneath. I wouldn’t recommend a brand if I didn’t believe in it. Trust me on this one because this isn’t just based on my boyfriend likes it too. 😉

These pictures were taken in my new apartment by one of my favorite photographers, Miguel Oliver. To book him click here.


19 Comments on “Secrets in Lace

  1. Wow doll, as usual, you look incredible! Yoy just keep getting better and better! And youve reminded me that I need to get more stockings!

  2. have to ask how much padding is in these bras i’m usually a 32b but if there is a fair amount of padding i can go to 32c

  3. Hello Jasmin, love your blog and think that you look incredibly sexy in this outfit.

  4. One of my main gripes these days is the sloppy dress of the majority of the public. In my perfect world men and women wold take the time and effort to look way better than most do now. My New Year’s resolution is to do just that. I have bought many sexy things from SIL for my wife and she really appreciates the quality and feel. I f I have one complaint it is that I wish she would wear sexy clothing( stockings and suspender belts) more often. I absolutely love the vintage look and am a huge fan of the “pin up.” Thank you for your love of vintage and sexy lingerie.

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