Alberto Vargas African American Pinup Illustrations for Playboy


I came across these images via Tumblr today and I am so glad I did! They were posted by Vintage Gal, everyone’s go-to follow for the best vintage photographs, history, and gifs. I love coming across ethnic images on tumblr and google. Ethnic pinups were often overshadowed; they were hidden gems that were never fully embraced in the mid-century. I literally have libraries full of them in my computer as inspiration and thought I would share my new additions with you. These are African-American pin-up illustrations for Playboy magazine by one of my favorite pinup artists, Alberto Vargas c. 1960’s-1970’s.
Major thanks go to Vintage Gal on Tumblr for posting these along with many other inspiring images.


14 Comments on “Alberto Vargas African American Pinup Illustrations for Playboy

  1. I want to be a brown pin up chica for a day hoorayyyyy sistas lol
    this is refreshing to see great post jazzy jazz keep em coming!!

  2. I am a Playboy fan and am amazingly surprised they had pin-up photos. Thanks. I wonder if Playgirl, or is pin-up only for ladies?

  3. The best part is that although these pin ups are afro american they are not dressed as “savages” or in tribal they are show in true pin up gear classy and classic, AWESOME find Jazzy! glad I’m finally catching up on my Vintage Vandalizm!

  4. beautiful pictures- Vargas was so talented! and i know what you mean about ethnic pin ups, i can scroll through countless pages of some pin up tumblrs before finding one woman of colour. vintagegal is a wonderful site as are,, and of course!

  5. these pics are amazeballs! i love you and your blog followed you for like ever
    can\’t wait for your next post
    i\’d love if you checked out my blog and possibly followed me

  6. i love them 😀 lena horne looks like she was the inspiration for the 3rd one and pam grier for that bodacious 2nd one. nips should be darker though, most of us black women have dark brown nips and not pink ones especially for that first girl. coooool find

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  8. *squeals* Yes, more pin-ups of color please! I’m always on the lookout for them myself!

  9. I came across 10 or more black playboy pin up prints in an antique store some 20 plus years ago and have always revered them in my mind. Today I thought about them again and went on the search to find the artist so that I might behold the prints again, mostly to see if they were truly as beautiful as I remembered. Needless to say they are and I’m so upset I didn’t come across those prints when I could afford to collect them. Thank you for your post.

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