WIWT: Bettie Page Clothing at Coney Island!

Twas another hot summer day in NYC a few days ago and I didn’t want to waste it being cooped home with a pint of ice cream watching Adventure Time. So I put on an outfit I have been DYING to wear by Bettie Page Clothing, called my friends up, grabbed my beach bag, and headed to Coney Island. Bettie Page Clothing is one of my favorite pinup brands and when I saw their “What a catch” playsuit I just had to have it! Not only is BPC reasonably priced, but the dresses and seperates are completely adorable and so much fun to wear for any occassion, especially a day at the beach! This one has got to be one of my favorites of their collection. It is a 3 piece playsuit that features retro waves and tropical fish. If you want to cover up, you can wear the skirt. If you get to hot, you can just sport the shorts. I love when outfits have options and this one is just amazing, especially for a day in one of my favorite places, Coney Island. I also wore my new vintage heels, beach bag, and cat-eye glasses and it was just perfect.Love this skirt and the front pockets. Every girl needs pockets!Looks great with my new vintage heels and blue cat-eye glasses!Bye bye skirt!Pinup pose!

7 Comments on “WIWT: Bettie Page Clothing at Coney Island!

  1. The outfit is too cute and you look beautiful. Love the pic on the wall that matches the outfit.

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