Sourpuss Giveaway!

Hey dolls! I know you saw my recent post about my new SourPuss “Thrill-a-Rama” dress because the feedback was awesome! So I figured since I love it so much and I love you guys so much, I should probably do a giveaway ;). One of you lucky dolls will win this Coney Island dress from Sourpuss and all you have to do comment and tell me why you should win and log on to and give me your theme-park pin-up look inspired by the image above. Don’t forget to paste the URL of your polyvore look in the comment or your entry will not count. The dress is a size medium and the contest will end 08/10/12.

Good luck!

9 Comments on “Sourpuss Giveaway!

  1. Hello Love,
    My name is Anjelica and I should win this dress because it was made for me. Even though I’m in Florida now, I was raised in the city and used to go to Coney Island as a kid. Tillie is such an iconic image of Steeplechase and Coney Island as a whole. I would die to have a dress with his adorable little face all over it! Plus, it just screams my name. With those little flap collars at the bust, it is reminiscent of a 1940’s apron. I need this in my wardrobe. I can see myself strolling through the Miami-Dade county fair in this sweet little number. I would even wear this on a first date! And if the guy knew what the image was from, I would know he’s a keeper. 😉 Also, I have the Bettie Page bangs that would seal the deal with my love for this dress. I find a way to rock the pin-up look every day. Whether it is incorporating subtle things into my workday wardrobe, or full on flaunting it when I go out on my own time. People literally stop me in the streets to tell me how unique my style is. Secret is, I’m just interpreting the pin-up style in my own way. I KNOW that this piece would turn heads down here, so please, please, please send it to a woman who knows how to rock it as well as you do. Tillie needs a good second home in Florida, like all true New Yorkers. 🙂 Here is my polyvore set, Inspired by one of the amazing murals in that beloved theme park.
    Wishing and waiting and hoping,

  2. Hello Jasmin 🙂

    My real name is Micaela, I’m from Uruguay (South America) and I think I should win this dress because I’m a admirer of female beauty, and like many girls, I think the pin up style is the style that best favored the female body in all history. when I saw this dress just fell in love, and when I saw that had exactly my measurements was like a dream come true *-* Yesterday when I saw this post showed it to my boyfriend (also confidant and best friend) and he loved the dress, something unusual, since he does not like the dresses in general (although I have never ceased to wear what I like for his opinion, I care a lot if I look pretty or not for him :3)… it’s as if it were made ​​for me ♥
    Where I live pin up style is not very popular, so is a bit difficult to get one of these dresses, so, if I was chosen the winner, I would consider you my “godmother style” forever ♥ and I’ll cherish as my most valuable dress, because it would be the first in that style it would have.
    I’m not the type of girl who wears only for fashion and clothes and go in and out of my closet like rags, my closet is an archive of my life, it’s part of my identity and my thoughts externalized. I assure you this dress will be in good hands :3
    I’m a typical Latin girl, I’m tall, not skinny or fat, but with a fairly small waist for my complexion, normal breast and quite big hip, so I think that design and color would fit pretty well on me 🙂

    Although I have known your blog for a couple of days ago and my first contact with you was because of this contest, I intend to keep abreast of your updates (whether winning or not) because I think before everything (besides a blogger who looks good and gives away dresses) you’re a girl and was easily sympathize ♥

    Yesterday I made a pin up circus look, but as I had problems with my computer I could not publish it 😦 … I now see that Anjelica posted one pretty similar D: I do not want you think that I copied her, so I’ll post the one I’ve made yesterday and the other I made today

    The “yesterday” one

    The “today” one

    I have been the most honest as I can 🙂 I hope will be enough
    I’m very anxious and hopeful since now * – *

    Micaela (aka Amelica)

  3. Greetings Jazmin!
    I should win this dress because Is gorgeous! It fits me and it could be my birthday gift! My birthday is this month in the 12th. I turn 26. I love the theme of the dress. To be honest I’ve never been to Coney Island 😦 . But this is a perfect opportunity to go and visit. If I win, then I’ll have the perfect dress to enjoy it! Thank you for this chance Jasmin. Wish me luck 🙂 Have a good day!

    Here is my Coney Island creation:

    – Janelix Wendy

  4. i should win this dress because i think it would look lovely on me as im sure it would look on any other lady. It would mean the world to me to own such a beautiful and unique dress. I cant think of anything else i can possibly say that will win me this dress but i really hope that who ever wins it treasures it and makes the dress look as lovely as it does in this picture.
    im not all that talented in polyvore lol but here is my best effort.

  5. Hiya Jazmin!
    What a fantastic giveaway to greet the end of summer in style! I would love to win your adorable design because I am truly a “carnie” at heart, through and through. This gal has dreamt of running away with the circus since I was a little rug rat, (and will someday, even if it’s when I’m 80!) The nostalgic feeling of carnivals and circuses makes my heart skip a beat. Getting whisked away in the overwhelming sights, sounds, and endless inspiration in a place where you can’t help but smile and feel carefree is what the fantastical summer tradition is all about.
    I adore carnivals so much I even had a carnie themed wedding, complete with cotton candy, popcorn, kissing booth, and lots more with all the delicious, bright, whimsy feel of it all. So, I created a Polyvore board using all my coney island wedding colors inspired by your Thrill-A-Rama dress.
    I absolutely adore that you made a print using “Tillie’s” face on it! it’s definitely a dress I’d love to take for a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl with my sweetie.

    xo Frankie

    Here’s my Carnival Cutie Set:

  6. Hiya Jasmin!
    My love for Coney Island first started off when I was a little girl. I watched the 1943 movie, “Coney Island” starring Betty Grable & Cesar Romero. I adored the songs and fashion of the movie and dreamed of going there. Years had past, and as a college graduation present, my sis took me on a trip to New York (for the Rebel Night Rockabilly Weekender). We only a few hours at the typical New York tourist sites, but we stayed the entire Sunday afternoon at Coney Island. (Still inspired the 1943 movie, my sis and I wore 1940s inspired outfits.You can see a few of my pics here. )We seen the famous Coney Island Sideshow featuring Donny Vomit & Heather Holiday, we strolled down the boardwalk, and ate Nathan’s hot dogs for lunch. The only thing I regret that day was not dipping my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. I absolutely love the “Thrill-a-Rama” dress. Slipping on that dress would bring back those amazing memories from that beautiful summer day at Coney Island.

    My Polyvore set was inspired by Coney Island circa 1940s. This ensemble was inspired by bright Sideshow posters. The primary colors red, blue, and yellow were heavily used, so I stuck to those three colors. I channeled Carmen Miranda by accessorizing with a turban, thick bangles, and chunky platforms. The red & white stripes on the wicker purse reminded me of the stripes on a big top of a circus. I also added a kitchy little circus animal necklace. 😉

  7. Hey There!

    I adore this dress! I love how it’s vintage inspired and it reflects a great landmark from New York, where I’ve lived my entire life! I love Coney Island because it’s a place where ANYONE can go, a couple, someone can go and read a book all by themselves, a group of friends, and of course family.

    I would wear this dress in so many ways, with heels, with biker boots, or even a pair of white keds! Now that I am pregnant is has been very difficult for me to accept the fact that I was a size small to being a size large. This dress would be a GREAT inspiration for me to get back into shape and fit into it!

    I’ve never considered myself to be skinny, I’m just 4’11 with a fairly large bust and wide hips, a Latina. This dress would adorn me in the best way possible :).

    I LOVE playing with polyvore so I knew I HAD to try this contest out! I gave you a daytime look and a nighttime look; ENJOY!

    XOXO – Perla ❤

  8. Where to start on why I should win…. Number one reason?? I absolutely love this dress!! Due to a rough year, I haven’t been able to make any purchases of any kind and have yet to own anything Sourpuss!! I would love this win, we all would 😉 I know… Thanks for the chance love!!

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