What’s new pussycat?!

Whoaaae wwwhhoaa wwwhoaaa! Sourpuss is my newest obsession for vintage inspired threads and accessories. You dolls know I am a sucker for anything rockabilly so I was pleased to find a shop that gives me my weekly dosage of rockabilly goodness at reasonable prices. What really anchored my interest was their Coney Island dresses and accessories. I am heavily inspired by Coney Island history so I love anything and everything pertaining to the subject. I have never seen CI dresses and accessories like this before and was so excited I had to get my hands on a few pieces. I snagged a dress and a makeup bag IMMEDIATELY, have worn the hell out of it ever since, and couldn’t be more satisfied and happy..So much so, I see myself going into severe debt within the next few weeks. I love the vintage Tillie Steeplechase Coney Island print of this dress and the cute contrasts of the flaps over the bust. I also love that this dress is comfortable and a little shorter than most of my dresses so I look a bit taller ;). It comes in green, coral, and blue but coral was my definitely my color and of course I had to have the makeup bag, I plan to even wear it as a clutch! Check it out!

Love this dress? Stay tuned, one of you lucky dolls will have your very own soon!


7 Comments on “What’s new pussycat?!

  1. I continue to be utterly amazed about your stunning beauty and style! These photos are brilliant and I love the filter effect. You’re an inspiration!

  2. Oh my goshhhh that’s so cute I love it it really does Make u look taller you look great as always

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