Nasty Gal’s July Lookbook!

So I know it is almost August and I am pretty late but I am obsessing over Nasty Gals July lookbook! I haven’t seen a lookbook executed this beautifully in a long time. It was the mid-century influence that tugged on my heart-strings. Nasty Gal channels the 50s and 60s in a not so conventional way featuring coral cropped leather jackets and playsuits, subtle pastel button downs with studded collars, leucite pumps and spectators, and Chromat caged bustiers with high-waisted skirts. I love all of it and couldn’t resist posting about it as a pinup who is not so conventional herself ;).
Bravo Nasty Gal!

Check out Nasty Gal’s shop.


2 Comments on “Nasty Gal’s July Lookbook!

  1. Hey , girl love you’re sense of style. Always dressed to the nines!!
    Can you do a look for sneaker wedges?? I’ve been considering buying a pair but I’m on the fence. I wouldn’t know how to wear them. It would help me I’m a tiny 5’1 so any help in the height department is well appreciated.

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