Urban Outfitters Denim Event at The Hole

A few days ago I was invited to an Urban Outfitters Denim event at The Hole so I brought my friends Ingrid and her sister Nati along to check it out. It was nice to get out of my work space for a change and enjoy myself in the city with friends. It was one of those amazing spontaneous days where nothing was planned and everything went so right. Our first stop was Castillo, a spanish restaurant in LES that we used to visit frequently. Then we were off to the UO Denim event where we were greeted with rainbow fans, William Grant mixed drinks, Korilla tacos, and Van Leeuwen ice cream. This event featured UO’s amazing Fall 2012 collection of Denim and everyone at the event were given a free pair of choice to paint, bleach, or stud which is pretty fricken awesome if you ask me. I chose a floral pair of BDG jeans that I decided not to design, however, I may bleach them at some point because it looked so good! I love events like this because you get to actually have fun and interact creatively, not stand around with a drink at hand just socializing. Bloggers were everywhere enjoying the ice cream, tacos, their goody bags, and the music. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. After the UO event we decided to check out Patricia Field’s new store location which is now at her old apartment (crazy right?). While we were looking around we were asked to stay after hours with the staff and friends of Pat to watch Project Runway as Pat was a guest judge on the show. It was really amazing to hang out in what was once Pat’s bedroom (which is now a salon); all of us sitting indian style like it was a slumber party watching Project Runway with Pat and her poodles on a flat screen tv. This is what I meant about spontaneous..Sometimes it is best not to plan but to just go with the flow. It was a wonderful day and I am glad I spent it with my girls.What we wore:I wanted to look super casual so I wore a vintage romper I just bought on Ebay, my Zara construction wedges, my Retro Super Future shades, a vintage necklace & bangles, earrings my friend Jade made me, and my vintage atlas purse.I love my new romper! I have been living in rompers all summer!Look closely, I am covered in V’s! My V necklace was a gift too and I love it so much.Accessories!Ingrid looked adorbs in a blue top, vintage shorts, and vintage accessories.I love her name plate and her heart-shape glasses.My pinup girls!Nati looked great too in a drapy cobalt blue top, denim shorts, and a black chain linked purse.
Love her shoes!Sisterly love!UO Denim event at The Hole gallery space flooded with denim and blogazons.I want them all!Paint, bleach, or stud your jeans!lol there was a big Mickey statue there with a giant shlong. We had to take pictures!lolololGreat styling!I love this top and necklace!It was awesome to see all of the great designs people created.I chose this style of BDG jeans and this is a photo of them being bleached. They look so cool, I will have to try it when I get a chance.
It was kinda hot there so Ini and I took a break by getting some ice cream UO offered outside of The Hole.
Twin Shadow!
The campaign.Thank you UO for a great event!Check out the UO Denim Catalogue.

Download the UO Denim lookbook.

Shop the Denim line.

For more on this event check out the UO Blog.

Great event! Bon Voyage!
These are photos of us at Patricia Field’s new shop which is actually at her old apartment. The place is huge and I can see why she moved the store there. Pure amazement.Pat and her adorable poodle.
Waiting for the show to begin!The view from the ceiling.
I made friends with one of Pat’s poodles lol. They were so cute!what a cutie!

The Project Runway episode was great and I love Pat’s honesty. Gotta love a designer who keeps it real which is why I respect her so much.

Good times!


3 Comments on “Urban Outfitters Denim Event at The Hole

  1. sounds like one heck of a day!! id love to be invited to some rad parties… well, I guess I just need to keep truckin! haha


  2. Looks like you had an awesome day. Glad you had fun with your friends at such great events.

  3. You look adorable I love the romper n a high bun on u jazzy! Btw girls look great as well.

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