V.V in Retro Lovely Magazine’s issue #8 & Taboo edition #4!

I am excited to say that aside from being featured in Issue#2 of Atomic Bombshells magazine, I am now featured in 2 Retro Lovely Magazines, issue #8 and Taboo Edition #4! I was stoked when I found out it would be 3 magazines this month as I have never really been featured in a pinup magazine previous to these other than my small photo in Retro Lovely’s cork board page about a year ago. I know it may not be a big deal to Cali pinups because they are always shooting with amazing photographers in amazing settings and their photos are always submitted, but for me it is difficult as I am all the way on the east coast where the culture is almost nonexistent and there is hardly ANY pinup photographers who specialize in the stuff. I feel fortunate and thankful that Edson Carlos and Erin Shepard (Lone Star Pinups) submitted the photos they shot of me and gave me the opportunity to shine in a world I love so much. In Retro Lovely’s issue #8 my very avant-garde pinup photo with Edson Carlos is featured. We took that photo when I was in Vegas last year. I was also happy to see a few of my east coast pinup friends in that issue as well and included them in this post! Taboo Edition #4 features my vampy fetish photos I took with Erin Shepard and are a little more raunchy than my usual pinup photos. I look like a vampire in a sheer baby doll, sheer gloves, lacy high-waisted undies by Agent Provocateur, and black heart-shaped pasties. Taboo is like the 1950’s version of playboy and is flooded with tasteful pinups, some nude, some partially nude, and some clothed (me) leaving a little to the imagination with pasties. I always wanted to do a fetish shoot, I guess I didn’t think it would end up in a magazine lololol. I don’t have an issue with it, however, if you are not 18+ don’t dig deeper into this post. The Taboo images are slightly naughty!This is the photo that is featured in Issue #8. My swimsuit is by Agent Provocateur and the floral top is by Betsey Johnson. My hat and belt are vintage and my shoes are Steve Madden.WOOP WOOP!I was so happy to see Betty Chantel in the issue as well! She looks GORG!
I was also happy to see my girl Alyssa in this issue as well, looking darling in pink!Retro Lovely Taboo Edition #4 features the beautiful Angela Ryan on the cover!These are the other models featured in this magazine. I would show you all photos but I don’t want to spoil it, you will just have to buy it and check it out yourself.I will show you my photos though!

Yes, they are raunchy, yes it is a different side to me many of you haven’t seen, but trust me this is childs play compared to the stuff you see in magazines these days. I wanted to do a fetish shoot and I did! Now I can cross it off my bucket list. I love the vampy look Josephine Love gave me to match my outfit, we work so well together.

BUY Retro Lovely Issue #8 now!

BUY Retro Lovely Taboo Edition #4 now!


4 Comments on “V.V in Retro Lovely Magazine’s issue #8 & Taboo edition #4!

  1. proud to say i was standing right next to EC when he shot that set!!! congrats on the features!! i havent visited your site for some time now. im a bad friend. lol. hope to see you soon!!

    ❤ Daniel

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