Bold in red, white, & gold for July 4th..

I didn’t plan ahead for July 4th like everyone else did, but it is the days you don’t plan that end up being the best in the end. I called my best friend up and he invited me to cruise with him and his family around City Island and New Rochelle. I have never really been to those areas and was astounded by the beautiful landscapes I saw there. It was amazing and we were able to see a whole orchestra of firework displays all over city island. These places we visited made me want to get a car just because it is so close to my new home. I also didn’t plan my outfit but ended up finding something animated, very 4th of July, and oh-so-betsey as usual. I also could have worn this on fleet week but I got this suit too late lol. I looked like a sailor in my newly thrifted vintage sailor hat only I would call it “sailorette”. My Betsey Johnson regal 2 piece suit and American Apparel top complimented the hat and so did my choice of accessories like my vintage nautical earrings, necklace, and my red vinyl purse and shoes. I am sure people all over Glen Island and New Rochelle thought I was in costume (I get that all the time) but I love being animated and fun with fashion. My besty took some cool pinup-y photos of me throughout the day that was worthy for a “what I wore today” post so here it is!

Good times!

Photos by: Derek Santiago


11 Comments on “Bold in red, white, & gold for July 4th..

  1. Look your site. Hope to see you in Retro Lovely.

  2. One of my favorites outfits! You look gorg and it meshed so well with the scenery! Beautiful

  3. Oh dearie, you were so close to the Punk Glam Princess and I! Well, you were on the LI sound, and we are on the Hudson. About 20 mins cross-westchester. You’ll have to come visit, we belong to a yacht club with an amazing pool overlooking the Hudson, as well as a clubhouse with views from every angle. (No we don’t boat, I will only boat if it comes with a crew… my last sailing experience was around ’86 and was terrifying in more ways than I can explain here — we joined for the pool and other amenities.) The PGP would be so thrilled if you came! Get in touch soon! I’m glad you enjoyed a lovely 4th! Love it, I recently said to the hubster that we should go to City Island as we haven’t been in years. It used to be a really quaint — almost like an old-timey New England style village — place to wander around, then have some nice seafood. XXX Suzanne

  4. Loved your outfit! It was super refreshing considering most of us would have done the typical red white blue combo. You really do inspire me to put more effort into my outfits. Any stores you recommend for a vintage clothes in Manhattan? My only requirements are that it be not over priced and not smell like an old closet.

    Thx, Candice

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