Soho strolling & Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S 2013 private screening event!

Last week I decided to come out of my shell and get out for a change. Despite being a publuc figure, I am very introverted and sometimes I get lost in my work forgetting to set time aside to have fun and go out. The other day while thrifting I bumped into fellow fashionista Lala Lopez and a small conversation turned into a lunch powow at the Bowery Diner. The girl is fabulous, just check out her blog! It isn’t a surprise we clicked right away and we spent most of the day strolling around soho enjoying the summer sun. After my lovely powow with Lala I was off to meet my aunt Alex who invited me to the Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S 2013 private screening event at the Burberry store. We were greeted and treated wonderful when we got there. The Burberry staff were incredibly sweet and personable and everything at the store was to die for. I haven’t been to the Burberry store in ages so I was gagging over their merchandise, specifically their accessories. And don’t get me started on their Men’s 2013 collection, it was so good it made me jealous that such a wonderful collection was created for men because I’d totally wear anything on that runway. The collection is channeles the classic 1950’s and has a pinch of futuristic flair and I love clashing eras and opposites so it is no surprise I loved it! The tailored suits, metallic button-downs, and bomber jackets were just some of my favorites of the show. Ive included a video of the show in this post so you can all see what I am raving about. I had so much fun and my day made me realize how much I miss going out and attending events. Ive got my mojo back baby and I can’t wait to see what else summer has in store! Less work more play! See photos of my day inside!Me and Lala earlier in the day!After our powow I ran on over to Sephora really quick to restock on my “Fiery” Stila Liquid Lip color I always wear. As I was leaving the store I came across the Soap & Glory section and just had to snap photos. I have love their products and I love love love their packaging! My bathroom cabinet is full of the stuff!So cute!
Also took a flick of this beautiful wall aside a coffee shop.
Oh and just an outfit recap of the day- I wore a Betsey Johnson romper with Steve Madden shoes, my vintage wicker purse, an assortment of vintage bangles, and my Retro Super future sunglasses.I was channeling Carmen Miranda in these shoes, my sister bought them for me and I love them so much!
Me and my auntie Alex!My aunt Alex is always dressed to the T. She looks amazing in her Lulu’s dress! I love the cut-off shoulders and how she accentuated her tiny waist with a belt.
Can we talk about her beautiful feather head-piece? CHIC!I also loved her other choice of accessories like her abstract rings and her vintage Gucci clutch.She also wore these FABULOUS vintage boots. I actually gifted these to her on her Baby Shower a few years ago and almost forgot lol! I saw them and were like “wow, those are amazing!” and she looked at me like “really? you bought these for me remember!?” lololol. I have the memory of a gold-fish.

Off to Burberry!The place was flooded with fashion lovers.

Here is the video of the Menswear S/S 2013 collection before I proceed..

Amazing right?!!!

lol my aunt is so cute! The first thing that caught our eyes was this beautiful Burberry fur coat. UNF.I am picky about my purses but this one is amazing.I love this tweed jacket!!Woop Woop!lmao I’m crazy.I love these small purses! Look at the detail!
These are totally my aunt’s style, I had to take photos of them <3.Big thanks to St.Germain for inviting us to this great event. He is such a sweetie pie.UNF. I love these Ipad and Laptop studded cases!!!Even the umbrellas were awesome. I want the studded one please.I wish you could see the oh-so-beautiful Lisette who works for Burberry, she showed me so many great pieces she knew I would like and we both share a love for Bettie Page!Paparazzi! 😉Good times!


5 Comments on “Soho strolling & Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S 2013 private screening event!

  1. You both looked lovely, Glad you enjoyed such a great event.

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